Does Fear Stop You from Starting—or Finishing—Your Creative Pursuits?

How many creative projects are on your “to-do” list?

Maybe they’re not on your immediate to-do list … because, well, you’re busy. But you’d really like to get to them … “someday.”

If you had time. If you had talent. If you weren’t failing.

Does this frame of mind sound familiar?

If you’re attracting money in fear, then you end up attracting fear along with any money you bring in.

And do you know what fear does? It stops us from doing what we’re meant to do: our creative work.

It’s no surprise to you, then, that procrastination and perfectionism are rooted in fear-based emotions.

And these can grip even the best of us.

Which is why I invited Samantha Bennett, author of “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in Just 15 Minutes a Day,” to join me on the Love-Based Money Podcast. She’s sharing how to get past procrastination and perfectionism in just 15 minutes per day. And it works! I’ve experienced it, myself.

Listen here:

Samantha Bennett on Love-Based Money with Michele PW: How to Stop Fear from Standing in the Way of Your Creative Pursuits, in Just 15 Minutes per Day.

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

If you’re marketing based on a target market, or a niche market, then there’s something you have to know: it’s time to go deeper.

It’s time to get to know (and I mean REALLY get to know) your ideal client.

Whereas a target market is a broad demographic, and a niche market is a slice of that target market, an ideal client is a specific person.

And getting to know him or her can revolutionize the way you do business … as well as your results!

On a new post on my Love-Based Business Blog, I explain why it’s essential to dial in on who your ideal client is.

Don’t miss this if you want to make your marketing so effective that you attract clients who love you as much as you love them.

3 Reasons Your Ideal Client—Not Your Target Market or Niche—Is a Cornerstone of Building Your Love-Based Business

Does Money Really Love Speed?

MPW Flip It Epi 4

Studies have shown that the most successful entrepreneurs tend to make decisions quickly. And many, many business-related articles and studies say that money follows speed.

The faster you move, the more money follows.

But does it always work?

And does it work for YOU?

I believe money does love speed; and I also believe that there’s a flip side to acting quickly.

Explore the topic for yourself on the newest episode of my Web TV show, “Flip It!”

Flip It! Does Money Love Speed? 

Is Money Trying to Teach You a Lesson?

Mindset is a huge part of marketing. In fact, if you don’t master mindset—which I also call the inner game—then you’ll likely never master the strategies and tactics you employ (the outer game).

But how do you do it?

Part of mastering the inner game is learning the lessons money is trying to teach you.

Fortunately, I brought my friend (my REAL friend—not just an online friend!) Therese Skelly on to the Love-Based Money Podcast to talk about how to learn the lessons money is teaching you, and how to master the inner and outer games of marketing.

She’s the Happy in Business Marketing & Mindset Coach, and she’s passionate about helping you find inner strength and experience evolution!

Therese Skelly on Love-Based Money: Mastering the Inner and Outer Games of Marketing  

Is the LOA working for you?

Have you ever felt like the Law of Attraction just isn’t working for you, and maybe it’s all a bunch of baloney?

I have good news: The Law of Attraction does work—IF you use it correctly. Chances are, if you’re not getting what you want, then you’re not using it correctly. And you’re not alone: when I first encountered it, I didn’t use it right.

Hint: it’s about more than just thinking – or NOT thinking – about something!

On my new Love-Based Business blog, I’m sharing a powerful 2-step process for shifting your mindset—and getting the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Check it out here:

2 Steps to Use the Law of Attraction Correctly to Get Past Your Money Blocks

“Go Big or Go Home”: Is It True?

MPW Flip It Epi 3

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression: “Go Big or Go Home.”

But is it true?

Should you always follow that advice?

In the latest episode of my new Web TV show, “Flip It!” I examine whether you should always go big or go home … or whether you may consider running your life a little differently.

I think you may be surprised!

“Flip It!” is all about shifting your perspective so you can get what you want out of life and business—check it out here:

Flip It! Go Big or Go Home 

When Mean People Come Calling …

If you’ve ever put yourself out there, whether it’s in the form of a blog post, a podcast, a talk or speech, a book, or any other creative endeavor, you’ve undoubtedly come across them: mean people.

In my experience, whenever someone gets visible, at least one or two mean people come out of the woodwork to spew their criticism or feedback … in a nasty way.

It’s unfortunate, and it can sting, as I know from personal experience!

I wanted to offer you a new perspective on dealing with mean people, so that when they rear their ugly heads (and they DO!), you’re equipped to handle it without letting it hurt your feelings (well, without letting it hurt your feelings too much).

Head on over to my Love-Based Business Blog to hear about how one interaction with a mean person helped me change my perspective, as well as what I learned and how you can apply it to your situation.

Michele PW on Love-Based Money: Dealing with Mean People 

A New, Love-Based Approach to the Product Launch

The product launch:

How do those 3-words make you feel?

Does it strike fear into your heart? Increase your stress?

When you think of a product launch, which metrics do you consider? Probably sales, right? Conversions? Dollar signs?

And … there’s that stress again, right?

Let’s view the almighty product launch from a different angle, for a moment.

Aside from money, there are many benefits to doing a product launch when you’re a spiritual, conscious entrepreneur.

And when you view the product launch through a love-based lens, you’re far less likely to feel stressed and far more likely to take the pressure off and actually enjoy your launch.

And, as an awesome side benefit, you’ll still grow your business in a love-based way!

Check it out on my new Love-Based Business Blog:

A New, Love-Based Approach to the Product Launch: Why Launching a Product Can Be a BIG Win, Even If You Don’t Make Many Sales 

Is Email Marketing Dead?

MPW Flip It Epi 2

Most entrepreneurs know that building an email list is a great way to build your business.


Well, for many reasons!

First of all, when you have your own email list, you retain control, unlike when you build a community on a social media platform that could go defunct at any moment (MySpace, anyone?).

Also, email lists give you the ability to send targeted marketing materials to your ideal clients based on their past behavior.

And you’ve tried it! But lately, when you send out emails, you don’t make any sales. In fact, you don’t get much of a response at all.

You’re starting to believe that email marketing is dead.

But is it? And could you change the results you’re getting?

Find out when you watch Episode 2 of my new Web TV show, Flip It.

Flip It! Is Email Marketing Dead?

The Real Reason You’re Not Attracting Abundance

Have you ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, you’re not earning more money?

The truth is simple, although the underlying explanation can feel a bit complicated.

You’re dealing with some deeply-held beliefs that stop you from earning more.

But why? And how do you get past those beliefs and open the flow of abundance?

The good news is that my friend Kendall SummerHawk, the Leader in Certified Coach Training for Women Entrepreneurs, specializes in helping spiritual entrepreneurs discover what’s holding them back from earning more, so they can then break through it and increase abundance in their lives and businesses.

The great news? I interviewed her for the latest episode of the Love-Based Money Podcast! You can listen in, here:

Kendall SummerHawk on Love-Based Money: The Practical—and Fun—Sides of Money Attraction 

Fall in Love with Marketing (Really!) and Grow Your Business

How do you feel about marketing, deep down inside?

Do you dread it? Do you fear it? Do you hate it? Does it make you feel “icky”?

No matter how you feel about it, you know you need to do it, right?

So if you’re doing marketing, while dreading it, fearing it, hating it, or feeling “icky” about it, then how effective can it really be?

Imagine with me, for a moment:

What if you could actually LOVE your marketing?

Here’s the thing – you CAN.

And when you do, your love shines right through, to naturally attract, inspire, and invite your ideal clients to work with you.

So if you don’t love your marketing right now, then click on over to my Love-Based Business Blog and read this article:

Making Your Impact with LOVE: 3 Keys to Success Through Love-Based Marketing 

Flip Your Perspective, Change Your Life

MPW Flip It Epi 1

What if changing your life was as simple as changing your perspective?

Think of all those things you’ve dreamed of doing, but you just haven’t done them yet.

Maybe for you, it’s writing a book, or speaking from the stage, or starting your own business. Or maybe it’s changing the way you manage money, or even finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

You want these things (okay, maybe not these things exactly, but you get the point). But there are these stories playing in your head that keep you from getting them.

Stories like:

“I’m not smart enough to write a book.”

“I’m not charismatic enough to speak from the stage.”

“I’d never follow through on running my own business.”

“I am terrible with money.”

Guess what? These beliefs can actually stop you from creating what you want in your life.

But don’t worry, I have good news: you can change these beliefs. And when you do, you can change your life.

That’s the topic I’m exploring with my new Web TV Show, “Flip It.”

I’d love for you to check out the first episode here:

Flip It! Can Flipping Your Perspective Get You Everything You Want? 

Can You Really Have It All?

It’s an ongoing debate.

As a conscious entrepreneur, is it possible to have a thriving business while taking the best possible care of yourself and your family?

Can you be a smart, savvy, successful businessperson who also enjoys great, fulfilling, relationships, and who feels at peace most of the time?

My friend Christine Arylo says you absolutely can.

It’s her belief that by bringing in ancient feminine, earth-based and yogic wisdom traditions, you can create a reality—in your business, home, and family—that allows you to thrive without sacrificing personal health and happiness.

She’s doing it right now, and she’s helped thousands of other people do it, too.

On the Love-Based Money podcast, Christine shares some of her hard-earned wisdom for incorporating spirituality into life to achieve ultimate success: that which allows you to feel peace, happiness, and harmony, no matter what’s in your bank account.

Christine Arylo on Love-Based Money with Michele PW: Self-Love as the Path to Abundance 

The One Element of Copywriting That Gets People to Buy—and How to Make It Work for You

Effective copywriting contains so many elements: headlines, subject lines, features, benefits, bullet points, P.S.s, pain points … oh my!

And they’re all important.

But ONE of those elements in particular is like the holy grail of marketing. It’s the one item that can get a prospective buyer to click “buy now” rather than going on to the next email in their inbox.

What is it? And how do you write it so it’s effective?

Not to worry, I’m sharing it all, on the Love-Based Business blog:

The Bullet Point: The Holy Grail of Copywriting

Staying Grounded While Seeking Personal Growth

If you’re reading this, chances are you know I’ve been on a spiritual and personal development journey for a while.

When I first started out, I thought all the spiritual development stuff was kind of “woo woo.”

Can you blame me? I came from the Midwest, and my dad is a scientist.

But as I traversed the personal development landscape, I came to realize that when I found a balance between the practical and the spiritual, I saw concrete results in my business … while helping my clients and remaining centered.

My friend Pamela Bruner is a Success Coach, Author, and EFT Expert, and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs sell the intangible (successfully!) while implementing practical marketing strategies that work.

I interviewed her on the Love-Based Money Podcast, and she shared some of her best tips for striking the right balance between spiritual and practical.

Check it out here:

Pamela Bruner on Love-Based Money with Michele PW: The Practical and Spiritual Sides of Transformation