When Mean People Come Calling …

If you’ve ever put yourself out there, whether it’s in the form of a blog post, a podcast, a talk or speech, a book, or any other creative endeavor, you’ve undoubtedly come across them: mean people.

In my experience, whenever someone gets visible, at least one or two mean people come out of the woodwork to spew their criticism or feedback … in a nasty way.

It’s unfortunate, and it can sting, as I know from personal experience!

I wanted to offer you a new perspective on dealing with mean people, so that when they rear their ugly heads (and they DO!), you’re equipped to handle it without letting it hurt your feelings (well, without letting it hurt your feelings too much).

Head on over to my Love-Based Business Blog to hear about how one interaction with a mean person helped me change my perspective, as well as what I learned and how you can apply it to your situation.

Michele PW on Love-Based Money: Dealing with Mean People 

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