Is Money Trying to Teach You a Lesson?

Mindset is a huge part of marketing. In fact, if you don’t master mindset—which I also call the inner game—then you’ll likely never master the strategies and tactics you employ (the outer game).

But how do you do it?

Part of mastering the inner game is learning the lessons money is trying to teach you.

Fortunately, I brought my friend (my REAL friend—not just an online friend!) Therese Skelly on to the Love-Based Money Podcast to talk about how to learn the lessons money is teaching you, and how to master the inner and outer games of marketing.

She’s the Happy in Business Marketing & Mindset Coach, and she’s passionate about helping you find inner strength and experience evolution!

Therese Skelly on Love-Based Money: Mastering the Inner and Outer Games of Marketing  

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