Do you know who your ideal client is?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

If you’re marketing based on a target market, or a niche market, then there’s something you have to know: it’s time to go deeper.

It’s time to get to know (and I mean REALLY get to know) your ideal client.

Whereas a target market is a broad demographic, and a niche market is a slice of that target market, an ideal client is a specific person.

And getting to know him or her can revolutionize the way you do business … as well as your results!

On a new post on my Love-Based Business Blog, I explain why it’s essential to dial in on who your ideal client is.

Don’t miss this if you want to make your marketing so effective that you attract clients who love you as much as you love them.

3 Reasons Your Ideal Client—Not Your Target Market or Niche—Is a Cornerstone of Building Your Love-Based Business

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