Why Isn’t the Law of Attraction Working for You?

I’m going to give it to you straight:

The Law of Attraction is always working.

But I know … sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, right?

When I first learned about (and started trying to use) the Law of Attraction, it didn’t go well for me. I can’t tell you how many times I thought, “This Law of Attraction stuff is nonsense,” or “It works for some people, but not for me.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: even when you feel like you’re “doing everything right,” the Law of Attraction can be a sneaky devil.

But there is good news in all this!

My friend Jeanna Gabellini is a Law of Attraction expert, and her teachings can help you discover what you may be doing to stop the Law of Attraction from working FOR you.

She’s the one who opened my eyes to the fact that I was actually repelling what I wanted rather than attracting it.

And now, on the Love-Based Money Podcast, she’s explaining how you can use the Law of Attraction intentionally to finally start manifesting more of what you want. Check it out here:

Jeanna Gabellini on Love-Based Money with Michele PW: The Law of Attraction Is a Sneaky Devil

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