Staying Grounded While Seeking Personal Growth

If you’re reading this, chances are you know I’ve been on a spiritual and personal development journey for a while.

When I first started out, I thought all the spiritual development stuff was kind of “woo woo.”

Can you blame me? I came from the Midwest, and my dad is a scientist.

But as I traversed the personal development landscape, I came to realize that when I found a balance between the practical and the spiritual, I saw concrete results in my business … while helping my clients and remaining centered.

My friend Pamela Bruner is a Success Coach, Author, and EFT Expert, and she specializes in helping entrepreneurs sell the intangible (successfully!) while implementing practical marketing strategies that work.

I interviewed her on the Love-Based Money Podcast, and she shared some of her best tips for striking the right balance between spiritual and practical.

Check it out here:

Pamela Bruner on Love-Based Money with Michele PW: The Practical and Spiritual Sides of Transformation 

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