Does Being a “Spiritual” Entrepreneur Mean You Shouldn’t Make Big Money?

If you’re anything like so many of the spiritual entrepreneurs with whom I’ve spoken, you may feel like making good money is almost counter to what you do.

After all, it’s more important that you make a big impact, right?

Money’s not important to you.

Well …

My friend Kendra Thornbury, spiritual entrepreneur and wealth coach, takes a different approach. She stands fiercely in her desire to make a great living while making a huge impact.

In fact, she says you can’t make your greatest impact if you’re not making a great income.

(What? I know.)

I’d love for you to learn more about her thoughts on this topic by listening to my interview with her on the Love-Based Money Podcast.

Kendra Thornbury on Love-Based Money With Michele PW – Stand In Your Power Around Money 

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