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As a Love-Based Business Owner, What’s the Best Way to Handle Refund Requests?

Recently, in one of the high-level Facebook entrepreneurial groups I’m in, someone posted asking about handling refund requests.Creativity_03

In a nutshell, this entrepreneur had a very clear (and very clearly stated) guarantee policy on her sales letter, but she wanted to know what to do about people who wanted an “exception” made for them — specifically their lives changed since they bought the program (maybe they were in a car accident or their mother got sick or they had decided they decided they didn’t want to be an entrepreneur anymore and were getting a job) and now they wanted their money back even though it didn’t fit under the terms of the guarantee policy.

And when they were told no, they would sometimes get upset and say things like “well I thought you were heart-centered.”

Now, on the surface, this seems pretty cut and dried. There’s a clear guarantee/refund policy stated, therefore the entrepreneur was perfectly within her rights to turn them down and think nothing more about it. Continue reading