What My Novel “Mirror Image” Can Teach You About Biz

I’m launching my second novel “Mirror Image” tomorrow — it’s a psychological thriller/mystery/suspense (you can grab your copy here). And, to celebrate, I thought it would be interesting to share “the story behind the story” about how that novel got birthed.IMG_0939

It was a long, difficult, painful, messy birth — I share it all on my fiction blog.

It’s a story about almost getting the gold to losing it all to having everything finally come together.

20 years later.

It’s a story about redemption. Which, not coincidentally, is what “Mirror Image” is really about (underneath all the psychological thriller/mystery/suspense stuff).

This happens in our businesses, too. Something doesn’t come together the way we want it to and we have to figure out how to respond.

In the case of my novel, I think it was partially timing. I’m ready now to publish my novels — I actually don’t think I was ready before. I needed to follow the entrepreneurial path first, because only by going down this path did I really embrace the personal and spiritual development work I needed too.

Along with being about redemption, the “story behind the story” is also about trust and surrender. It’s never too late for something to finally come together, and it’s also never a good thing to try and force something to come together before it’s ready to.

Even if it stretches out to over 20 years.

Would love your thoughts.

Until next time.

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One thought on “What My Novel “Mirror Image” Can Teach You About Biz

  1. Tobuline

    I haven’t read the book, but I agree that timing is everything. Being in the right time, and taking action at the right time is a must. We cannot force something that’s not ready yet.

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