Are You a Creative Entrepreneur Who Has No Time To Be Creative?

It happens to all of us.Creativity_01

Life. Business. Family. Endless to-do lists. Client emergencies. Family emergencies.

And then, you wake up one day and realize you haven’t done squat for months (or maybe even longer than you care to think about) to nurture your own creativity.

You keep thinking “if I just get over this (family/business/health/whatever) hump, I’ll have time to slow down and be more creative.”

Yeah — and how’s that been working for you?

So, speaking as someone who has absolutely lost their creativity in the sea of “doing-ness” and in celebration of my second novel “Mirror Image” officially being launched on May 27, I thought I’d share a few notes about working creativity into your life.

First off, what IS your definition of being creative? Is it working on a specific project, like a book or a painting? If it is, I’d like to invite you to open up your definition of being creative. Aren’t you creative when you come up with a fun way to get your kids to stop crying? Or when you magically pull together dinner when you haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks?

If you expand your definition of creativity (and maybe you can even expand it in a creative way) you may find you ARE a creative entrepreneur who absolutely IS finding time to be creative — just not in the ways we “normally” think of being creative.

(Kind of changes the energy around that, eh?)

But, let’s get back to that creative project that hasn’t been touched in a while. Because, well, being creative is all well and good in a general sense but getting that project done is REALLY what you’re focused on. Right?

Okay, so first off, I think it may be beneficial to do a little exploring as to WHY you’re stalled on that project.

If you say you have no time, I’m going to ask you to dig a little deeper.

While, yes, there are absolutely days that you can lose track of your time or the you-know-what hits the fan or you get sick, and you aren’t able to get anything done.

But, for those days to stretch into months or years, there’s something else stopping you.

Maybe you’re no longer inspired by the project. Maybe you’re feeling blocked. Maybe you’re so busy listening to the voices in your head you can’t focus. Maybe you have some other limiting belief that’s keeping you from working. Or maybe it’s not your project to work on.

Whatever it is, I suspect that’s what is REALLY stopping you from working — and saying you don’t have the time is just a convenient excuse.

And, if you really, truly believe it’s a lack of time, I’d like to invite you to try what my friend Samantha Bennett advocates, which is work on it for only 15 minutes a day. (Skeptical? Yeah I was too. But, it actually worked. I would say give it a try for a week or two and see how much you actually get done — you’ll probably surprise yourself.)

And, yes, staring at your project for 15 minutes and wondering what to do next or doing some research all counts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on finding more time to be creative. Comment below. And I’ll keep you posted as I continue to work on fitting more creativity into my life.

Until next time.

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