3 Keys to Love-Based Online Marketing

For many folks, online marketing/internet marketing is synonymous with slimy, hype-y, sales-y marketing. love-based-vol3-kindle

But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way. That it’s entirely possible to market  your business with love, using tactics and strategies that feel good to both you and your ideal prospects.

And the best part? When you do, you not only reach more of the people whose lives you’re so passionate about transforming, but you also grow your business effortlessly.

To help you get started with Love-Based Online Marketing today, I want to share 3 keys to Love-Based Online Marketing so you can begin building campaigns that you actually enjoy … and that attract, invite and inspire your ideal clients to work with you.

No more feeling “slimy” or “arm-twisty”—this is going to be fun!

Without further ado:

Key 1. Love your marketing.

Wait! If you just felt the urge to “x” right off this page, hear me out.

I promise you, loving your marketing is possible, even if you think you hate it right now. I’ll take it one step further, even: you can enjoy it, and have fun with it.

When you do, you automatically become more relaxed about it, and when you’re relaxed, the fun follows! (And of course, when you’re having fun, you’re more successful all around, right?)

So. How do you love your marketing, if you actually don’t even like marketing (right now)?

First, let’s look at some of the possible reasons for disliking marketing:

  • You think you aren’t good at it, or you feel like it’s loaded with things you should be doing (only, you don’t like those things).
  • You take it way too seriously—because if you’re struggling with cash flow, marketing can suddenly feel critical, like business life-or-death.

Great news: there are so many marketing tactics … and I’d bet there is at least one that you could enjoy, or maybe even love. I included a Love Your Marketing Assessment in my new “Love-Based Online Marketing” book, but for now, I’ll just share with you a partial list of some different marketing activities:

  • Coaching
  • Speaking in person or virtually
  • Being interviewed in person or virtually
  • Interviewing other experts
  • Writing—long or short pieces
  • Being on TV or video

There are more, and there’s usually something for everyone. The great news is that once you determine which is the best fit for you, you can build your marketing campaigns around them.

This allows you to feel comfortable, play to your strengths, and get in front of and naturally attract your ideal clients … while having fun!

Key 2. Get rid of marketing resistance.

It’s been said that owning your own business is one of the best personal development tools out there. I believe marketing plays a big part in making it so … because for many people, marketing is a huge trigger.

Consider how it relates to the following common fears:

  • Fear of success (because marketing is key to business success).
  • Fear of failure … what if your marketing efforts don’t pay off — wouldn’t it be better to not try at all?
  • Money issues.
  • Fear of not having time to spend with family and friends.
  • Fear of visibility—getting “big” as you get your message out there.
  • Fear of owning your value.
  • Fear of having to “sell” yourself.

The first step in overcoming marketing resistance is to get a handle on where marketing resistance shows up for you, specifically (but beware, marketing resistance can be very sneaky!).

Begin by taking a few moments to think about how you feel about marketing in general, how you feel about yourself when you market yourself, and what your Number One Frustration or Dislike around marketing is – and why. Make a list of 3-4 other marketing-related frustrations and dislikes. Then, ask yourself why each one bothers you.

Write all of this down: consider it a brainstorming session. And remember what I said about the “sneak factor”: one marketing resistance, such as, “I don’t have time for marketing,” may actually be another marketing resistance in masquerade. In this particular example, you’d want to think about why you don’t have time … or why you aren’t making time, to figure out if one is masking another.

For example, if you find that you’re not making the time because you believe all marketers or salespeople are sleazy, then you’ll want to revisit that belief. If you’re selling something that has the potential to transform people’s lives, then you’re not selling just for the sake of selling. You’re selling a transformation, and there’s nothing sleazy about that, is there?

Instead of doing or saying just about anything to get someone to buy (like traditional, fear-based marketing does), love-based marketing simply gives potential customers an option: work with me and experience a transformation, or don’t.

It creates the space for choice.

By examining your resistances and talking yourself through each one, you’ll finally be able to eliminate whatever it is that holds you back from marketing effectively.

Key 3. Get into the love-based mindset.

In a nutshell, traditional direct response marketing and copy is based on triggering fear-based emotions like fear and shame and guilt, which is why it feels so “yucky.”

But you can choose to market yourself with love by triggering love-based emotions like hope and abundance.

As I mentioned above, traditional, fear-based marketing often says or does anything to get people to buy (a chiropractor might tell prospects that if they don’t work with her, they risk living in pain forever).

Love-based marketing, on the other hand, gives potential customers the option to choose between a transformation and the status quo (a chiropractor using love-based marketing may explain why her method works, and how it heals pain).

When you choose to build your business on a foundation of love, every aspect of your business is love-based. From bringing clients into your business to the way you work with them, you operate from a place of love-based emotions.

Love-based marketing means attracting, inspiring, and inviting your ideal prospects to become ideal clients. Lead with love and other love-based emotions, and give your ideal clients space to make a choice according to whatever is truly best for him or her.

I’m confident that when you employ it in your business, you’ll enjoy your marketing, your clients will enjoy your marketing, and your business will grow—with love!

If you want more Love-Baesd Online Marketing, my new book “Love-Based Online Marketing: Campaigns to Grow a Business You Love AND That Loves You Back” is now available. Grab your copy right here.

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