PW Unplugged Radio: Nancy Marmolejo & Taglines are the Devil


PW-Unplugged_01Does this sound familiar?

You’re getting ready to launch (or relaunch) your business — which means you need a new logo and a tagline.

You excitedly sit down to work on it. Because this is the first step to getting a new brand together, right?


If you listen to me, I’m a firm believer that “Taglines are the Devil.”

I talk about this more on the podcast but in a nutshell, I don’t believe that taglines move the needle in terms of you making money, so why bother putting the time and energy into them?

However, I do believe there’s a better way. So I had my good friend Nancy Marmolejo, founder of Talent and Genius, who talked about what WILL move the needle.

And the first step? DON’T start with the words.

Instead look at what’s deep inside — under your brand, where talent meets genius. When you discover that intersection, you’ll also discover where the true magic happens.

And if you want to more “Nancy,” including more juicy content around positioning your expertise to attract your best clients, make more money and live the lifestyle you’ve always desired, check her out here.


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