PW Unplugged Radio: Melinda Cohan & What Comes First — Back Office Systems or Getting Clients?


PW-Unplugged_01As a brand new entrepreneur, what’s the first thing you do after hanging out shingle?

Chances are, you’re looking for clients.

And on one hand, that makes sense. Clients are what’s going to bring revenue into the door, which is important as a biz owner.

However, what if there was a better way to start your business? That’s what Melinda Cohan, owner and founder of The Coaches Console, said on today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio.

Of the 2 scenarios, she says the most important thing to do (and what’s going to generate the most revenue in the long-term, not to mention set your business up for ongoing success) is getting your back office systems set up.

NOT getting clients.

She walks you through why this is the case, including why starting with getting clients truly is the backwards approach, and some easy steps to get your back office system set up.

And if you want more information about how you can set up your back office system, including free templates and checklists to make it easy for you, just check it out.

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