Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Hello Resistance

In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten much more clear about the direction of my business and what I need to do to take that leap and move to the next level.PersonalJourney_02

At the same time, even though most of me loves that direction, I’ve found myself oddly distracted.

My focus isn’t there. I’m more distracted than normal. I’ve had some health challenges.

In other words, Resistance appears to be rearing its ugly head.


So what to do?

Well, first off, if and when I ever figure out a foolproof way to beat Resistance, I’ll definitely share with all of you here. In the meantime, what I’m doing is trying to be more patient with myself, breathing, feeling my feelings, and doing my best to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

But, to be perfectly honest, under it all I’m actually pretty frustrated with myself. This is hardly my first rodeo with Resistance, and when I visited Steven Pressfield’s site (he wrote The War Of Art, which is the first I heard about Resistance) he talks about how beating Resistance gets easier as you go along.

Which is true…and not true.

Maybe I’m expecting too much of myself but at this point I feel like it should be a little blip on the radar — nothing more.

On the other hand, my plans for where I want to go with my business are pretty big. And pretty different from what anyone else is doing out there.

So it may be the reason Resistance feels stronger than normal is the leap I want to take is a lot bigger than normal.

Or it could be everything feels bigger because I’m feeling lousy and tired today.

Only time will tell which is right. And I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time.

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