Monday Morning Musings — Why Zumba May Be Good For Your Business

It’s January. Which means my exercise classes are suddenly crowded with hordes of people who have some combination of “exercise more” and “lose weight” on their New Year resolution list.Biker_01

And my Zumba class is no exception.

I’ve written before about Tiger, my Zumba instructor who very nearly never taught a second class after being dubbed “too sexy,” and over the weekend during my Zumba class, I thought about that as I watched some the new (year) students. Some looked like they were enjoying the class, some looked completely lost and some looked absolutely terrified at Tiger’s playful, sexy pushing of us to move our bodies more and express ourselves more.

One of the reasons why I like Tiger’s class is because she does hold that space for us to have fun and be sexy, even if we’re awkward and stiff and know we don’t look anything like her doing it. (Yes, as you can imagine, she’s pretty good, which in and of itself can feel intimidating if you let it.)

When I started I was super self conscious and hung out in the back, even though I couldn’t really see the steps and was frustrated about that. Now, I’m near the front so I can see and I’ve discovered I don’t really care if people are watching or not. And that’s allowed me to be more relaxed and have more fun. Some of that shift came from me and all the work I’ve done on myself, but I would also say the fact she created such a safe container was a huge help.

As a woman who has “owned” her own business since 1998 (owned is in quotes because I started as a freelance copywriter, which, at least for me, was less about owning a business and more about creating a job for myself) I have allowed my masculine energy to dominate me for much of that time. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve been opening myself to my feminine energy.

And Zumba helps me do that. It’s a tangible thing I can do that helps me embrace my feminine energy.

If you’re like me, you may be intrigued with all of this talk around adding more feminine energy into your business, but you have absolutely no idea what that even looks like or how to get stared.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can say Zumba was a good place for me to start. You may find it’s a good place for you to start too.

Plus who knows? Along with having fun and exploring your feminine side, you may find yourself losing a few pounds, getting in better shape, and feeling less stress. That’s a real win-win.

Something to ponder this week.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings — Why Zumba May Be Good For Your Business

  1. Cathy Goodwin

    I love zumba! My class in Seattle had a male teacher and some male students so I just got energy – not feminine energy! Here we have a cool instructor who’s male and it’s not really zumba (although that’s what’s posted at the gym) but it’s a blast. You get to lose your inhibitions, shake your booty and feel ageless!

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