4 Easy Steps to Turn off Mind Chatter Like Flipping a Switch

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for any length of time, you probably have already figured out that, for better or for worse, your business and your energy are intimately connected.GuestBlogPost_02

If your energy is low, there is an awfully big chance your business isn’t going to go as far as it would if your energy was high.

And what impacts your energy the most? Sleep. (Or lack of it.)

That’s why I was so excited to interview Sleep and Success Coach Janna Chin on the podcast. She shares her system on how to start getting a good night’s rest. And if you want a taste on what she covers, check out her guest article below. Enjoy!

by Janna Chin

Have you ever laid awake in bed at night and found yourself going over a to do list?

You can’t sleep. You lay awake and your mind is running non-stop- worrying about tomorrow, things that aren’t done or whatever is bothering you. To-do Lists are the biggest kind of mind chatter that keeps people awake.

But what if I were to tell you this: Mind chatter is a choice, not a circumstance.

You CAN flip it and turn it around in a matter of seconds.

REALLY, It can be done!

Mind chatter is in your control.

Like a light switch. You can flip the switch and turn off mind chatter in a matter of seconds any time you want.

4 Steps to Turn Off Mind Chatter

1. Find where the mind chatter starts — the mind chatter emotional trigger.

2. Immediately flip it around, replace it with self-soothing positive self-talk that contradicts the negative chatter.

You really have to flip it around immediately before it contaminates your thinking and runs wild — before you know it, you could have lost 2 to 3 hours or more obsessing over it!

3. Look for evidence that the worry isn’t true and has never come true.

4. Continue to remind yourself and retrain your brain of your positive self-talk until you really start to believe it .

Knowing how to do this is so important because one of the number one reasons people don’t sleep and don’t have enough energy during the day to be as productive as they’d like to be is because of negative mind chatter — replaying over and over scenarios, beating themselves up, worrying, feeling anxious, and/or reviewing their to-do lists until things get way out of control and totally unmanageable.

Finding the trigger point and letting it go right away, before the mind chatter gets out of control, will give you peace of mind, save you countless hours of anxiety, fear and worry and allow your mind to rest and allow you to turn off your engine and discover the power of sleep.

Here’s an example of how this works….

Jenny’s emotional trigger was her bank statement. When she looked at her bank account and the number was too low, her mind chatter would run wild from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds.

She would lose 20 hours a month worrying about bills.  She would be stuck worrying all the time and not getting anything done.  She was actually blocking her success by being so negative.  Attracting more stress and no success. She was in fear and would start crying whenever anyone talked about money.  It was a serious emotional trigger for her. The more she worried the less she slept, the more she worried, the worse she slept.  A vicious cycle.

The tool she used to get out of this thinking is… when she starts to think,

“What if I can’t pay the bills? “

“What if I can’t pay the mortgage?”

“What if I lose the house?”

“I’m going to be a bum on the street!”

Before she goes into a panic, she would flip it around with the exact opposite and think,

“My bills always get paid. “

“My mortgage always gets paid. “

“I won’t lose the house.”

Then she would look at her life for evidence for the opposite of her worry and remind herself by repeating over and over:

“My bills always get paid “

“My mortgage always gets paid”

“I have never lost the house “

“I have never been a bum living on the street.”

She has done this so many times that it has become her new belief system. Instead of spending hours and hours worrying, and losing hundreds of hours of sleep and productivity, she can flip the switch and turn off mind chatter in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes we have such history with the worrying, it helps to clear the past baggage we have been carrying around by recognizing it is just not true.

After having spent years and years worrying after just two sessions of our work together she was able to remove all of her blockages of fear and worry around her money (and … if they come up again she now knows what to do. She just flips it and turns them off).

As soon as she was able to sleep without the worry and anxiety she was able to become her magnetic self and within a week, she received an unexpected $3,000 check in the mail. She has just had her best 3 months in her business and is making good money and is paying her bills. And as a bonus, she has lost 12 pounds, has the energy to exercise and has more balance in her life. She is more organized. Her husband is happy.  She is now her happy and magnetic self…more clients and more opportunities keep coming to her.

If she can do turn off mind chatter as a recovering worry-wart, you can do it too!

And if you want to learn more, check out my MP3 audio plus get a free strategy session at www.sweetdreamscoach.com

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