How Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most of Their Blog Posts

I just read yet another statistic that said businesses that blog at least 15 times a month get 5x more traffic than those that don’t.GuestBlogPost_02

Yes blogging is a really great marketing tool. And it can also feel completely overwhelming at times.

That’s why I was so thrilled to interview my friend Sandra De Freitas,, on PW Unplugged Radio about how to use your blog to successfully grow your business. Sandra also wrote the article below to give you a few additional tips. Enjoy!

By Sandra De Freitas

Entrepreneurs are busy people, aren’t we? We have a lot on our creative minds from increasing our profits, to launching new products and services! While our creative minds help us create new offers, new marketing ideas and new content it stops us from leveraging what we have already created.

I have found that entrepreneurs will create great content for blog posts and then the “move on”. They usually leave those blog posts as is and don’t leverage those blog posts into other marketing engines or transform the content into other multi media formats.

Why should we leverage our content? Well, if you took the time to create a great blog post why not reuse and recycle the content you worked so hard on. Now, I don’t mean take that blog post and copy it on another blog. Google doesn’t like this and it will hurt your SEO. What I mean by leveraging your content is share it, transform it and refresh it!

Share it!

Share what you have just published on your social media profiles immediately after you post it and don’t be afraid to share the same blog post on future social media updates, especially if your content is evergreen.

Allow others to share it by putting in place a social sharing WordPress plugin such as ShareThis. This plugin can be found at and you can review all of the benefits of ShareThis including “social analytics” at

Transform it!

Yes Google doesn’t like when you publish duplicate content (copying your content onto other blogs), however there is no reason why you can’t take your content and transform it into a different format. Record yourself reading your blog post and create an audio from it. Place that audio on the same blog post to satisfy auditory learners. Use that same audio to create and publish a podcast!

Create a slideshow from the content of your blog post then record a video with your slides while you read the post. Publish your video on your blogsite and on video directories such as YouTube.

If you are an artist you can draw out your blog post. A past client of mine took this concept to heart and picked up her pencil once again and created cartoon strips based on her content.

Refresh it!

Take older blog posts and refresh them. Refresh an old blog post with add new resources, research and other information to it. Do try to change up the content as much as possible so that Google sees it as a new post and not a duplicate blog post.

At the end of the year create a blog post of your top ten most popular blog posts of the year. Use your statistics to figure out which of your blog posts were the most read/visited blog posts. List the blog posts, a url to read the blog post and a short description of the blog post in your blog post. If you blog at least three times a week you can publish a monthly “top ten popular blog posts” each month (specify the month and year in the blog’s title).

If you ever get stuck on what you should write about next, review your old blog posts and use them to give you ideas and topics for new blog posts.

Now that you can see how you can leverage the content you have already created it’s time you go out there and share it, transform it and refresh it.

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