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3 Simple Steps to Taking a Quantum Leap in Your Biz

Taking a quantum leap means transforming your business quickly. It means going from $200,000 to a million in a year. It means seeing opportunities fly to you effortlessly. Sounds great, right?

If you’re ready – if you want to take a quantum leap, but aren’t sure how to do it, here are 3 steps to get you started:

1. Think big. Taking a quantum leap isn’t going to work if you’re thinking small. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re thinking big. And, maybe even more than that, make sure you’re READY for your business to BECOME big. If you’re not comfortable or if there’s some blocks or obstacles around you growing your business to its fullest potential, you’ll never experience a quantum leap. Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio — Tina Forsyth & The Purpose Paradox


Today on PW Unplugged, I had an interesting conversation with Tina Forsyth — who is better known as the founder of the OBM (Online Business Managers) Certification Training — about how your purpose can interfere with your business and your success.PW-Unplugged_01

What made it interesting is how unlikely, on many levels, this conversation was. Tina and I are pretty similar — both of us have been knocking around this crazy Internet world since it first started taking off about a decade ago, and for the most part, both of us dealt with mainly “outer game” strategies — the steps, strategies and tactics you need to have a successful business.

So the fact the two of us delved into this more “inner game” (mindset strategy) was a bit of a hoot. Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — What Happens Before the Big Launch

So I’m getting ready to launch my new book “Love-Based Copywriting: How to Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients.”PersonalJourney_02

Book officially launches on Saturday, Aug 2 — and, as you can probably imagine, I have been a hot bundle of emotions.

But, a few things have become super clear to me as this all unfolds.

* There is no question Resistance is real. And it is brutal. And it shows up every single time you’re getting ready to step up and up level yourself or do something that’s part of your life’s purpose. (My friend and client Lisa Sasevich calls Resistance the Illusion, which is also pretty appropriate. Because when it shows up it IS an illusion, despite how real it can feel at times.) Continue reading

The Writing Life — A Week Before Lift Off!

So it’s finally happening. My new book “Love-Based Copywriting — How To Write Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients” will be officially launching a week from today (August 2).PenInk_150

Wahoo! (I have to keep pinching myself.)

All week I’ve been escalating between excitement and joy — and worry and fear.

This work is what Christine Kloser calls my transformational book (or my soul book). It’s one of the messages I’m meant to get out into the world in a very big way.

Continue reading

How Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most of Their Blog Posts

I just read yet another statistic that said businesses that blog at least 15 times a month get 5x more traffic than those that don’t.GuestBlogPost_02

Yes blogging is a really great marketing tool. And it can also feel completely overwhelming at times.

That’s why I was so thrilled to interview my friend Sandra De Freitas,, on PW Unplugged Radio about how to use your blog to successfully grow your business. Sandra also wrote the article below to give you a few additional tips. Enjoy!

By Sandra De Freitas

Entrepreneurs are busy people, aren’t we? We have a lot on our creative minds from increasing our profits, to launching new products and services! While our creative minds help us create new offers, new marketing ideas and new content it stops us from leveraging what we have already created. Continue reading

Takeaways from My Summer Adventure

So here I am, back from my Summer Adventure that started on June 11 where we packed up the dogs and drove first to Kentucky (where we checked out Maker’s Mark) then to Wisconsin where we spent time with my family and my inlaws, then off to Maryland because I was speaking in Boston at Kate Beeders’ event (and my sister lives in Maryland) and then came home on July 20.PersonalJourney_02

Whew! I’m still recovering.

Now, I call it a Summer Adventure because it combines work, vacation and family all into one big potpourri of summer time fun. But it’s stressful too. Living and working in other people’s energies, getting out of your routine (which, while a good thing, can also wreak havoc on how your efficient you are) and getting away from my good, healthy habits can all take a toll.

Plus, during this particular Summer Adventure, I had a more intense work schedule. Along with a full plate of clients, I also had a book deadline to meet.

So it was intense. But I learned a lot about myself. And here are a few of the takeaways I thought I’d share: Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio — Sandra De Freitas & Blogging to Grow Your Biz


PW-Unplugged_01On today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, I interviewed my good friend Sandra De Freitas ( about best practices on using your blog to grow your business.

You may have heard a time or two that blogging is a good marketing strategy (and you may have heard me say a time or two that I agree with the keynote speaker at a recent social networking event who said “blog more, Facebook less”) but you’re really not sure where to start. Or maybe you started a blog, created a few posts and that’s the end of it. Or maybe you do blog a bit but are feeling like you’re missing something.

If any of those sound familiar, this podcast is just what the doctor ordered. Continue reading

The Truth About Content Marketing

The best way to market yourself online is to showcase your expertise by giving away solid content for free.Technology_01

That’s the truth, right?


Yes it IS true that content marketing is a fabulous way (especially for experts) to market themselves online. The problem is, the Internet is a pretty big place. And there are a lot of experts using content marketing to market themselves. Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio — Debbie Allen & What’s Really Going on Behind-the-Scenes of the Expert Industry


PW-Unplugged_01On today’s episode of PW Unplugged, I interviewed Business & Brand Strategist Debbie Allen (who is coming out with a new book, “The Highly Paid Expert”) about the dark side of the expert industry.

Debbie has been knocking around this crazy Internet world for longer than I have (in fact, I attended one of her first events) and she has some stories (and opinions) about the whole expert industry and what’s really going on when you peek under the hood. Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Yikes! Time to reboot

So I’ve been on my Summer Adventure, which has been both fun and challenging (and challenging on a number of levels — energetically, work wise, mindset, spiritually, etc.) but what I realized today is how badly I’ve let my good habits fall by the wayside.PersonalJourney_02

My exercise program — kaput.

My daily meditation — what’s that?

Weekly self care (salt water baths, God time, etc.) — didn’t happen.

(And we’re not even going to talk about the eating — I should have brought my shake ingredients and a blender.) Continue reading

The Writing Life — Celebration Time!

So I’m wrapping up my latest book (which is going to be published beginning of August –yay! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer!) and I realized today I’ve allowed myself no time at all to celebrate.PenInk_150

I’m about to finish a book! This is fabulous news! I should take a moment and celebrate!

Instead, my overly stuffed to-do list with everything else I have to get done is swirling around in my head (not to mention the next book is already starting to tap me on the shoulder). Continue reading

Cheat Sheet — My Top 10 Ways to Grow Your List/Community

MulitTask_01You may have heard a time or two (or 10 million) that a strong list or community is key to having a solid, healthy, profitable business. (And, just to make sure we’re all on the same page with terms — list comes from having a list of people with their contact info, typically their email, you have permission to reach out to. I’m not terribly fond of the word list myself as I believe it depersonalizes what you should be creating — which is a community of folks who are inspired by you and want to work with you. Also if you use the word community, it implies more than just having a list of emails and only being able to reach out to folks via email. Yes a stand-alone email is still one of the best ways to promote your products or services, but it doesn’t have to be the only way.) Continue reading

Make money with your email, one drip at a time

Ah the lazy days of summer — and no better time to talk about ways to automate your business so have more time to play without sacrificing your income.GuestBlogPost_02

Shannon Cherry — who was also my PW Unplugged guest for this week — is one of the queens of finding easy and automated ways to make money. On the podcast she and I chatted about her pretty awesome list-building event (which is all around building a list of buyers — you can see it for yourself at as well as listen to the behind-the-scenes on the podcast here). Below, she broke down her system to create automated email campaigns that sell for her regardless of what she is doing in her business. Enjoy!

by Shannon Cherry

Chances are, you know that email marketing is still an important tool in your online business.  And what’s the best thing about email marketing – besides getting the ka-ching? The ability to set up drip campaigns. Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio — Shannon Cherry & List-Building Secrets


Today on PW Unplugged Radio, I interviewed my good friend Shannon Cherry,, on her new and unique list-building strategy.

What makes it new and unique? Because it’s based on adding buyers to your list rather than freebie seekers and tire kickers.

You see, this is why Amazon is more desirable than Google. Because Amazon has the largest database of buyers. People who are searching for information on Amazon are looking to purchase a book, they aren’t necessarily looking to cobble together information via what they can find for free. iTunes is the same way — while yes there are a lot of free apps, there’s also a lot of things you buy on iTunes (including music, paid apps and digital magazines). Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — The Power of Doing the Opposite

One of my favorite “Seinfeld” episodes is the one where George decides to the exact opposite of what he normally does.PersonalJourney_02

At the beginning of the show, George was unemployed, broke and living with his parents (and needless to say, he also had no girlfriend). By the end of the show he had a job with the New York Yankees and a girlfriend.

The first time I saw that episode was right around the end of 2004/beginning of 2005 and it had finally sunk in that I had been fooling myself about my freelance copywriting business. For years I would tell people (and I really thought) my business was growing when I was in a feast period.

The problem was I never took the famine periods into consideration. (You see, I had created a dreadful and very stressful feast-and-famine business.)

So when I actually went through and reviewed my year-end numbers for the past 6 years, I saw I was actually treading water in my business. I was basically making the same amount of money every year — no growth at all (despite all my thoughts to the contrary.)

Continue reading