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Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Do The Work So You Can Do Your Work

I’ve been in a bit of a creative bubble the past couple of weeks as projects are coming together and a new path is appearing in front of me.PersonalJourney_02

And what’s really incredible? How easy it all is. I just need to follow what’s been laid out in front of me.

However, it wasn’t always so easy. In fact, for years and years I struggled with this. I’ve been feeling that little pull inside me for a few years now, telling me it was time to take that next step to go to the next level…and I resisted. Continue reading

The Writing Life — The Fine Art of a Difficult Conversation

This week I’ve been living in a major burst of writing energy and creativity. Book writing is going gangbusters (so far the new book is on track to be out right around Aug 1 or 2 so stay tuned) plus several other super cool projects are starting to come together in my head and I can just see how beautifully everything is going to come together.PenInk_150

Very much I’m feeling like I’m “in the flow” and not just when I’m writing. My creativity is in a lovely flow as well, like a dam has opened and the ideas are pouring out in record speed.

So what happened to cause this? Well I think it can be attributed to a few things:  Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Maribel Jimenez & the New Superwoman


PW-Unplugged_01On today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, my guest Maribel Jimenez, the New Superwoman Community, and I dig into a couple of juicy topics.

The first is how do you blend multiple interests into one coherent business. For some entrepreneurs, I know you have multiple gifts and talents and trying to wrestle those gifts and talents under one business umbrella that somehow makes sense is really challenging. Maribel shares her story on how she successfully did that with her Dream Launch biz and her New Superwoman Community. And, of course, we had to dig into the whole concept of the New Superwoman (since I know there are LOTS of recovering Superwomans out there — myself included). Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Rewriting Your Business Story

A fellow participant in a program I’m in, recently posted on the private Facebook group how she had decided she was rewriting her business story.PersonalJourney_02

She had decided her old “business story” was holding her back and that’s why she wasn’t as successful as she wanted to be, so she decided it was time to write a new one (which she then posted in the group).

So what exactly does that mean? I personally first heard about stories through Byron Katie, although I know other personal and spiritual development experts have all talked about stories. Basically it’s an explanation we tell ourselves to make sense out of things that happen in our lives. For instance “I always get summer cold” or “Every time I think I’m finally getting ahead financially, the roof leaks or we need new tires or the kids need braces, and I’m back where I was.” Continue reading

The Writing Life — On a Quest for Inspiration

Today I got up, poured myself a cup of a coffee, got the computer out and sat outside on the back deck overlooking the lake. Eventually (as happens often in Wisconsin) it started to rain so I moved indoors and am now looking at the edge of a little wooded area complete with tall trees and lots of greenery. Birds are chirping and chipmunks are playing.PenInk_150

It’s beautiful, and yet I’m not sure what to say to you today.

I feel like the beauty of where I’m at should be an inspiration, that as I gaze at the lake and the trees, I should be struck by some fabulously deep insight around being a writer or on the writing craft that I can’t wait to share, and the words simply pour out of me.

And yet, I have nothing. Continue reading

What You Can Learn about Business from Maker’s Mark

If you’ve ever read the Harry Potter books (or seen the movies) you probably know that pictures behave very differently in the Wizard world. Namely they talk to you.

Well, I recently experienced my own chatty pictures while touring a — wait for it — bourbon distillery. (And you probably thought I was going to say at Harry Potter land or whatever it’s called in Florida.)

Yep, at Maker’s Mark they have photographs that talk to you. (One of them winks at you too.)

I’ve actually been impressed with Maker’s Mark for a while now, despite not being much of a bourbon fan. And the recent tour didn’t disappoint, so I thought I would share some nuggets gleamed from my recent tour of Maker’s Mark. Continue reading

10 Ways For You To Start Working Differently

Todays’ guest blog post is from my good friend, and PW Unplugged guest, Beth Schneider-Wachner. And it’s all about something very sexy — Systems!GuestBlogPost_02

Yes I totally get how systems aren’t very sexy but the results totally are — and the below article is a great compliment to the PW Unplugged Radio episode (which I definitely recommend listening to if you want to delve into this topic a bit deeper).

Beth and I have been friends for a really long time now, and one of the things I love about there is her sense of humor (and her wild and crazy hair — you’ll get what I’m talking about when you read the article). Enjoy! Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Beth Schneider-Wachner & How to Double Your Profits While Cutting Your Work Hours in Half


PW-Unplugged_01In today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, I interviewed my good friend Beth Schneider-Wachner, Process Prodigy, on the secret of how to double your profits while cutting your work hours in half AND enjoying a business that runs itself.

Yes that is ALL possible and I’m going to spill the beans right now on what that is.


Are you really ready? Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — The Truth About Working Whenever and Wherever You Want

As I write this, I’m sitting on my parent’s back porch overlooking a lake and listening to birds.


No question it’s beautiful. And no question I feel very blessed I can work anywhere I want and anytime I want.

But — working anywhere/everywhere/any time also has its challenges.

For my biz, summer is probably my busiest time. So trying to take time off in the summer is always a huge challenge. Now because of that, I do like the fact I CAN work anywhere so I can still be here visiting my parents/sisters/nieces/nephews without compromising everything else I have going on in my biz. (And if I had a job, there’s just no way I could do this.) Continue reading

The Writing Life — How to Beat Resistance

Last week I wrote about “The War on Resistance” in both my “Writing Life” column and “Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness” column. (Note — the idea of Resistance is inspired by the book “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield) but what I didn’t cover are the tools to beat Resistance.PenInk_150

Now, it’s been a few years since I read Pressfield’s book and I was in a very different place emotionally and spiritually, so I very well may not have been ready to hear what he had to say, but my recollection is I was disappointed by his advice on fighting Resistance. So today I thought I would cover my own tools on busting through Resistance.

First off, I’ve become a big believer that when you start down the personal and spiritual development road, you truly need to look at your entire personal and spiritual development and not just the one “issue” you have. In other words, don’t just focus on one thing — like attracting money or your soul mate into your life. The more healing you do overall, the easier it is to attract exactly what you want — even if the healing you’re doing feels like it has little or nothing to do with the problem you’re trying to solve. Continue reading

Answering Your Questions Regarding the Best Way to Make Money this Summer

With Summer Solstice just around the corner, summer is officially here. And that means if you haven’t already put together your summer biz plan, now is an excellent time to do so.Money

I know there are lots and lots of questions around how to handle your biz during the summer months, and I answered the top ones in my PW Unplugged episode (“Summertime Money-Making Tips”) this week, but I also thought I’d cover the high points here: Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — How Does Resistance Show Up for You?

As I wrote about in The Writing Life, I kept running into Steven Pressfield’s “The Art of War” so I decided to take a closer look at how Resistance was showing up in my life and biz. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, definitely take a quick peek at my “Writing Life” post here.)

Now, I’ve always has a good idea how Resistance shows up in my writing — Resistance keeps me from starting. But what I never thought of is how does Resistance show up in my biz? When I’m wearing my entrepreneur hat?

So, I pondered that this weekend and the answer hit me — it shows up for me as “I don’t have time to do X” and typically accompanied with a panicky feeling in my stomach. Continue reading

The Writing Life — The War on Resistance

In the past week or so, I’ve had at least 3 people mention “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield to me, so I’m taking it as a sign I need to take another look at Resistance.PenInk_150

It’s definitely worth your time to read “The War of Art” if you haven’t since I won’t do justice to it here, but in a nutshell it’s about how Resistance always rears its ugly head when you’re trying to do something good in the world. For instance — Resistance will try to prevent you from following your dream or keep you from doing the work you’re meant to do in the world or get your message or gifts out there in a bigger way.

For myself, one place where Resistance regularly shows up is when I’m getting ready to write. For me, where I get stuck is getting started. Once I’m actually writing, everything clicks. I get into the flow pretty easily, and once I’m in the flow it all falls into the place. Continue reading