Is Your Marketing Mix Right for You? 3 Keys to Help You Decide

I’m a big believer in making sure your marketing mix and strategy fits both you and your business — because the more closely it’s aligned, the more likely you’re actually going to make marketing a priority. The less aligned, the more likely you either won’t market yourself at all, or you’ll sabotage your own efforts.MulitTask_01

So if you find you’re NOT marketing the way you should be, or you dread marketing, or your business results aren’t what you’re looking for, take a look at these 3 keys to see if maybe your overall strategy is the problem.

1. Are you clear about what you want your biz to look like? Does your marketing support that?

Do you want a small, more intimate business or practice where you serve clients on a one-on-one level? Do you dream about having hundreds (or thousands) in your group programs? Do you want your business to be based on selling information products, requiring minimal input from you? Something else?

Whatever business model you want your biz to ultimately look like, the marketing mix and strategy you use to promote that model is going to look different for each one. If you’re using the wrong marketing strategy to build the biz you want, you’re dooming yourself to failure. And if you don’t know what you want your biz to ultimately look like, how on earth are you going to be able to select the right marketing techniques to support you?

So the first thing you need to do is get clear on what you want your biz model to look like. Then the next step is to make sure you have the right marketing mix and strategy to build it. (How do you know if you have the right mix and strategy? A good way to tell is to see how others are using that strategy and what their businesses look like. If you don’t want that biz model, don’t use that marketing strategy.)

2. Do you enjoy the marketing tasks that are needed to support that strategy?

There are lots of different ways to market yourself — speaking, writing, videos, podcasts, social networking, etc. — and chances are there’s at least one you (at minimum) enjoy. Whatever one you enjoy, that’s the one you should be doing. Because if you don’t enjoy it, it’s going to make it that much tougher to motivate yourself to actually DO your marketing.

As much as you possibly can, delegate or delete the marketing tasks you don’t like and only focus on the ones you do. That alone will help you market more (and the more your market yourself, the more results you’ll see).


3. Are you aligned with how your marketing feels? Does your marketing feel slime-y, sales-y, inauthentic, based on fear or shame principles? Or does your marketing invite, inspire and attract your ideal clients?

OR conversely does your marketing feel too soft, like you’re not getting your message across, that you’re missing the boat?

You need to feel like your marketing strategy matches you and your business’s core values, because again if you feel the message is out of alignment, you’ll be less likely to want to market yourself.

So if you’re drawn to more authentic marketing styles, base your marketing mix and strategy around that. If you want something that hits a little harder, use that. Just make sure the strategy you select is a good fit for YOU.

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