Ever feel like you’re ready to LEAP to your next level of success but keep getting stuck in “barriers” like mud and other yucky stuff?

Below is a guest article from Nadine Nicholson, founder of MeJane — who was my PW Unplugged guest this week (and we delved into this topic even deeper on that podcast if you’re looking for more on this).GuestBlogPost_02

For myself, this is personally a very hot topic. As entrepreneurs, we’re actually signing up for a lot of change (even if we don’t fully realize it when we start) and if we don’t know how to successfully navigate all that change, what we’re actually going to get is a whole lot of frustration and heartache.

Check it out below and I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this.

by Nadine Nicholson

I see a lot of business owners who know, deep inside, there’s something “more” for them.

Maybe you want to:

• Publish a book and speak internationally.

• Redesign your business to spend more time with your loved ones.

• Host transformative experiences in exotic places around the world.

• Take the summers off and be with your kids.

• _____________________________ (you fill in the blank).

Really the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your “thing” is, my hunch is you’re trying to go for it and are working hard. You know time is precious and will regret not making it happen.

But, most of the time it feels like you’re treading water and not seeing the results you want.

And believe it or not — most of the time, it’s just ONE sneaky blind spot that’s getting in the way.

That blind spot is not being clear about why you want to grow.

Let’s face it, when you want to grow and rise to another level of success, you are making a change.

And going after what you really want and busting through any barriers in front of you so that the change you want actually happens, takes time, effort and a whole lot of inner bravado.

Without knowing your why, you simply do not have a trigger or catalyst for change. You don’t have a reason for why you want to grow.

Without being grounded in your why, you may put a lot of time and effort into growing, but run the risk of getting stalled and pulled off track by any obstacle you run into.

You just don’t have the inner grounding to leap through and get to the other side and the changes you want to make will feel insurmountable.

Let’s talk about the solution.

To be fully committed to — and truly achieve — your next level of success, you need to:

1. Know WHY you want what you want.

2. Know the cost of not achieving what you want.

3. Believe in your why—you’ve got to REALLY be bought into it!

This will ignite an unequivocal belief in yourself.

When you know why they want to make a leap, know the cost of NOT doing it, actually believe in your why, and are 100% committed to what you want—you will LEAP through obstacles and the change you want to make WILL happen.

To better understand why this happens, let’s talk about change management 101.

Change management is an approach to transition individuals, teams and organizations to a desired future state.

For many years of my corporate business career, I was at the forefront of multimillion-dollar projects and saw firsthand both what it took for changes to stick and what happened when changes failed.

No matter if the project was worth $10,000 or $500 million, there was an unquestionable, direct correlation between the organization’s buy into why the change was needed and the actual success of the change.

In other words, when it was clear why a change had to happen and the buy in was there, those projects succeeded. When the need for change and buy in was lacking or completely skipped over, those projects failed.

Let’s bring this back to you creating your next level of success in your business. Right now you’re embarking on a change.

You’re SO ready to rise to the next level of your success. You want to grow yourself and your business — and growing may mean getting bigger or it may mean streamlining and working less.

Your definition of success is yours and yours alone. Maybe you haven’t had the time or “know-how” to map it out and make it happen, but you KNOW you want more focus on where you’re going and how to get there.

For the change to stick and for your efforts to pay off, you’ve got to know WHY you’re making it and be bought into it. Otherwise, I’d suggest you save your time, money and all the effort.

[Back to Michele] Another resource I want to share is the new digital magazine “Inside the Jungle” that just came out. Nadine is the publisher and I’m one of the featured experts. It’s full of stories that show (rather than tell) how other successful entrepreneurs have navigated change in their business. And the best part — it’s FREE. Here’s where you can get your copy — http://www.MichelePW.com/mejane

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