PW Unplugged Radio — It’s Not Enough to Just Use Pain in Your Copy/Marketing


In today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, it’s just little ‘ole me again so I decided to take advantage of that and give you a more advanced training on how to use pain vs pleasure in your copywriting and marketing.

PW-Unplugged_01In fact, what I share today is something even successful entrepreneurs miss in their marketing (and I know this because I’m often the one called in to help them boost their sales and this is the mistake I see). I include 2 examples as well to help you apply what I teach in your own biz.

Love to hear your thoughts so share below (plus if you want to share some of your own examples of using pain in your marketing I would love to see it). Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “PW Unplugged Radio — It’s Not Enough to Just Use Pain in Your Copy/Marketing

  1. Angeline Marie

    Michele: I just finished listening to your podcast on “pain”–you really opened my eyes to the dull pain vs. the intense, I’ve got to get rid of this pain now! Thanks again for information.

  2. Michele PW Post author

    Thanks Angeline — what I didn’t say during the podcast (but thought about) is the story of the boiling frog — the frog that’s slowing boiling are not good clients because they’re not ready to jump out of the pot yet. We want to work with clients ready to jump out of the pot because then they’re going to taking action and making things happen. We want them to be hopping!

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