Game on! Why I’m Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge

I decided to join Michelle Shaeffer and Michele Scism’s Ultimate Blog Challenge — which means for the entire month of April (yes 30 days starting today) I’m making the commitment to blog every day.

It’s on!Ultimate Blog

Okay so if you’ve been following me, you’ve probably already realized I’ve stepped up my blogging in the last couple of months as it is. Specifically what I’m now doing is blogging 5-6 times a week since mid-January.

AND I have definitely noticed more traffic and more exposure since doing that, so I know more frequent blogging does work.

Which begs the question, since I’m already blogging 5-6 times a week by myself, why would I join an Ultimate Blog Challenge? 

3 reasons:

1. While I do know quite a bit about blogging, there’s definitely room to deepen my learning. So what better way to get more advanced-level training than by learning from 2 Michele’s (even if one spells her name wrong 😉  ) while also jumping in with both feet and actually experiencing it myself?

2. It’s free.

3. Can’t go wrong learning from 2 tastefully named kick-butt women entrepreneurs in a free 30-day training.

(Okay, maybe there was only 2 reasons.)

Seriously, I thought this would be a perfect thing for me to do for a month — see what tips I can pick up, really immerse myself in blogging myself, and then sharing what I learned after the month is over so you can decide if it’s worth your time to do a 30-day blogging challenge.

Sound like a plan? Let’s do this!

(Any requests for what you want me to cover this month? Or wanna join me? Comment below and let’s get this party started.)


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