Ask PW — “Any advice on more exposure for my blog?”

“Thank you so much Michele…very helpful. What about joining Blogengage, Triberr and Blogsurfer? Are there any you prefer and are the ones I listed good options? What about Ezine Articles? Any advice for more exposure would be greatly appreciated.”Ask PW


Wendy Baudin

As you can see, Wendy wrote in a Part 2 question (yay!) and since I thought the answer would be helpful to all of you, I decided to turn it into the next Ask PW column.

First off, to answer your direct question, I don’t know much about Blogenage, Triberr and Blogsurfer (although I’ve seen a couple of bloggers talk about Triberr and say they really liked that platform so you may want to try that one first).  I’ve also seen a few folks talk about Biz Sugar, so that may be another one to check out. Ezine Articles used to be a great place to promote your site and blog, but with Google changing the rules for guest blogging, I’m not sure where that’s going to go.

BUT what I DO know is it’s better to pick a few places to go deep than a lot of places and go shallow.

In other words — more is not necessarily better (unless you have a lot of time on your hands). The name of the game is building relationships, and you can’t do that if you basically just create a profile on a platform and let it sit.

For instance, Triberr — I did take a look at it. And it looks like in order for it to work, you need to be commenting and promoting other folks’ blogs. When you do that, the love comes back and you’ll get a lot of people commenting and promoting your blog. And voila! Your blog is now being promoted — not just on Triberr but on lots of other social networking platforms.

But all of that takes time. So if you don’t have a lot of time, then you need to be strategic as to which programs you use.

You always pay — either with money (I know Facebook ads also can work wonders for promoting your blog) or time (such as working whatever platforms you’ve chosen to promote your blog). You just need to decide which currency you’re wiling to use and what your budget is (i.e. a dollar amount or a time amount).

Make sense? Do you have any other questions about promoting your blog (or on business, marketing or copywriting)? Feel free to put it in the comments section and I’ll answer those in a future Ask PW column.

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