Unleash Your Natural Connection Abilities to Grow Your Business

I was so excited to interview Jenn August on this very topic since I think the ability to build and nurture biz relationships is so crucial and so overlooked as a biz skill. She guest authored this blog post to give you a few more tips  to help you build solid biz friendships that help grow your biz. Enjoy!

We were all born with natural connection abilities. (Really!)GuestBlogPost_02

Think of it this way: At birth, you connected with your parents or caregivers immediately, and they naturally wanted to take care of you.

Now you might be wondering…

“If I have a natural ability to connect, why does it feel like such a struggle to go out and network and build my business?”

Let me answer your question with an analogy.

When I was ten, my father noticed I had a natural talent for music.  So, he bought me a guitar. But it was my natural ability PLUS learning the step-by-step method for playing it that made me a professional musician – not the natural talent alone.

Just like the natural connection ability, it has to be practiced within a simple step-by-step system.

Some people believe if they just build a business that is online, then they don’t have to network.  The truth is – every successful business has the one-to-one relationships that help them continue to thrive! This is an important ingredient in business success that cannot be avoided.

Here are 3 Keys to Activate Your Natural Connection Abilities

Number 1: Show Up for Yourself to Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Clients

You must show up for yourself 100 percent, before you go networking. I call this treating yourself like a VIP client. So what exactly does that mean?

It means that you must make sure you feel seen, valued and heard before you go out and see, value and hear other people.

As women, we are programmed to take care of everybody first and give ourselves the last crumbs of our own energy, which is a recipe for burnout! When you show up for your own needs, desires and emotions, you feel good and valued.

Showing up for yourself creates a positive energy that people can feel and it helps them trust you to show up for them, if they are in the market to hire you.

It doesn’t have to take very long to show up for yourself. It could mean just making sure that you are fed, hydrated and have made time to do some things that you love.

I invite you to make a list of things that you can do to show for yourself that make you feel seen, loved and heard, before you go networking.

Number 2: Lead with the Give

It’s a magical treasure hunt! So many people wait until someone hires them to show their beauty and power as a person who can support them. “Leading with the Give” means that you go out and network to serve people, to listen to them, to support them, and to see it’s a good fit to invite them to have a conversation with you (about your services) that could lead to a sale.

Networking is not just to get clients. It is also to create a community – so you can feel supported and people can support you. I call this building business friendships!

Number 3: How to Discover the Treasure in Your Treasure Hunt

While networking, you are looking for ideal clients, potential promotion or referral partners, and possibly, speaking opportunities. There are infinite gifts that can result from networking.

The Universe gives us things through people – the more people we are around and engaging with, the more opportunities that come to us.

Now, you might find that when you are networking, there are people you are naturally drawn to.

Go talk to those people and connect with them. I like using this icebreaker: “What are you really passionate about right now?”

If you want a creative way to ask them what they do, you can ask “How do you share your brilliance with the world?”

If you want to discover what someone is struggling with once the conversation has already started in order to see if you can support him or her, you can ask “If you had a magic wand that would wave away any challenges in your business right now, what would it be?”

Your job is to make people feel seen, valued and heard. If it feels like someone might need your support, invite them to have a free consultation/strategy session to discuss with them HOW you may be able to help them.

If it is clear that the person is not a match as a potential client, but could be a match as a promotional partner (as someone who wants to refer people to you), or just someone who seems amazing and you would like to create a business friendship with him or her, then here’s what you do…

Invite them to have a phone conversation with you and you could say “would you like to set up a phone call to see if there’s a way we can support each other’s businesses?”

Now, all of these networking tips are pointless if you do not follow up, make an appointment to talk and have the conversations.

And finally, your energy is your best salesperson – people want to feel what it’s like to be around you before they buy from you, promote you, invite you to speak, or offer you wonderful opportunities.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I’d like to invite you to sign up for a free call I’m having “How to Attract All Clients You Need by Building Business Friendships.” You can learn more and reserve your spot here.



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