Ready to Brand or Rebrand? 3 No-Nos That Can Derail Your Branding Efforts

While branding/rebranding yourself is an important piece in your biz success puzzle, it’s also a piece that can really screw you up if you don’t do it right.

Therefore, I thought I’d spend today talking about mistakes entrepreneurs make when they think they’re ready to brand or rebrand themselves.

Ready? Let’s dig right in:

1. Do it too soon. Look I get it, it’s frustrating when you either don’t have a brand or your current brand doesn’t reflect what you do. But rushing into a branding process is NOT the answer.

If you’re not clear about your gifts, your message, your ideal clients, and what your ideal clients WANT from you, then you’re not ready to brand or rebrand yourself.

You need to actually have a strong sense of who your ideal clients are and what they want from you before you can jump into the branding/rebranding process. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a brand that doesn’t quite fit, and then you’ll have to redo the process yet again.

Now, you may be thinking that going through the branding process will help GET you clear.


I’m of the mindset that you should “test” out your branding before you actually spend the money and time to officially do it. Test out your new title and your new positioning on your clients, or on Facebook, or in a speech, and see what response you get. And if the response isn’t what you were hoping for, you can tweak it and test it again before you actually go thru the full branding process (and waste all that time and money).

2. Rush the process. Again, I get it — once you know you’re going to brand or rebrand, it’s agony waiting for everything to get done. But pushing your vendors or approving something you aren’t crazy about because you just want to get it out there will cause even more problems.

Branding is a creative process that shouldn’t be rushed — take the time to do it right and come up with something you love, even if it takes longer than you thought (or wanted it to).

3. Get hung up on a tagline. Remember your brand is far bigger than a logo and a tagline — it’s about an experience. The experience your ideal clients have when they work with you.

Too often I see entrepreneurs spend hours and days on a tagline (and what they end up isn’t all that strong or powerful anyway) and really, people aren’t hiring you because of your tagline.

Taglines are more important when you’re doing a lot of “top of the mind awareness” advertising, because you want something catchy that will help people remember. These long, mushy taglines that don’t say much won’t help you, and in fact, may actually hurt you.

Instead focus on the experience your ideal clients get when they come into contact with your biz — your colors, the feel of your website, the style of copy, your free gift, maybe your title or your business name. (And don’t forget about the customer service experience.) That’s what is going to stand out to your ideal clients, and attract them to you.

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