Are You Ready For a Big Shift? Tips from Bill Baren’s Big Shift Event

I just returned home from Bill Baren’s Big Shift Event and I’m flat out exhausted. (It didn’t help that my roommate — my good friend Therese Skelly, who you can listen to on the podcast — her son took a charge playing basketball Saturday night and ended up breaking 5 bones in his face and needed emergency plastic surgery on Sunday. Needless to say I spent a big chunk of the night helping her. Please feel free to connect with her about this on Facebook and send her and her son healing energy and prayers. Also keep reading because I talk more about her below.)

Anyway, so I’m taking time to recoup today — sleep and meditate and grounding — but I also wanted to share a few thoughts I had from The Big Shift.

What I really loved was the overall theme — which is doing everything you can to have a big shift in your biz. It was a mix of inner game work (mindset, blocks) and outer game work (biz development and strategy).

Which makes sense — you need to know what to do to build a successful business (the outer game) but if your subconscious isn’t on board with you having a successful business, then you’re not going to have a successful business. The subconscious (your inner game) will stop you — for instance maybe you’ll procrastinate or you don’t focus or you create drama in your life or business so you don’t have time or whatever your M.O. is that keeps you from moving forward.

I shared one of the mindset exercises in The Writing Life if you want to check that out (plus if you’re willing — take my challenge and leave a comment about YOUR big stand). Basically it’s about how your mind creates shields to protect you but by protecting you it keeps you small.

For an outer game, Bill shared the 4 levels of what you can sell and what the value is (and what I mean by value is how much you can charge for the level based on how valuable your folks find it).

1. The lowest level is pure information — such as a book or an information product that is just a recording and transcript (in other words, no live interaction from you).

2. The next level is you teaching your students the information — so for instance you teach a course live and include Q&A.

3. The next level is you doing it with your students — so maybe it’s you coaching your students on a deep level or working with them to co-create or you critique what they did.

4. The final level is you doing it for them.

It’s certainly possible to make money at level 1, but because you can’t charge as much you need to make it on volume. If you don’t have a big list or a big reach/visibility, then you may want to look at levels 3 or 4 so you can charge more and serve fewer folks.

Now, it’s only fitting that a “Big Shift” event would include a “Big Shift” story — which is where Therese comes in.

When it because clear (at 10 pm on Saturday night) this was pretty serious, Therese decided she was going to cut her trip short and fly home early Sunday. She ended up having to buy another ticket (it was going to cost her more to exchange her ticket, but that’s another story) and of course, her attitude was “I’m an entrepreneur — I’ll just make more money.”

Her former husband, who is NOT an entrepreneur, was trying to tell her to stay, don’t cut your trip short, there’s nothing you can do here anyway and why waste the money.

And THAT, my entrepreneurial friends, is an example of a true big shift that happens when you’re an entrepreneur. Because when you’re an entrepreneur, you CAN decide you’re going to make more money and have that freedom. And sometimes the people in your life may not understand it, but that’s okay — your tribe are other entrepreneurs and you can find plenty of them out there.

(Also, Therese couldn’t actually get a seat assigned when she bought her ticket, she was going to have to pay to upgrade — my gut told her not to do it and she should trust she’ll be taken care of — sure enough she got “upgraded” to the exit row seat without paying a penny. Way to go Therese!)

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