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Ask PW — What’s the best way to promote my website?

Other than questions about copy, this is the questions I hear the most — how do I get my website out there so my ideal clients can find it and buy from me?Ask PW

(Well, they don’t actually say the last part about buying from me, but that’s clearly the implication.)

While this is an excellent question, it’s actually not really the right question. Let me explain. Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — The Start of My Personal Development Journey

You may have heard having your own biz is one of the best personal development courses you’ll ever take.DoItForYou_04

And I am here to tell you that is 100% true. (In fact if you haven’t started working on yourself yet, enjoy the calm — it probably won’t last.)

Today I want to tell you when it became official — when I first started actively studying personal development tools and strategies and bringing those teachings into my own life and biz. Continue reading

Branding Success Stories — A Case Study

If you listened to my PW Unplugged Radio this week, you heard me talk about the dark side of branding or rebranding — mainly how you can really screw yourself up if you don’t do it right.KaChing_01

Now while I talked a lot about what NOT to do, what I didn’t cover is how to do it right.

So I thought I’d share a few notes from a couple of folks who DID rebrand themselves right — Ali Brown and Nancy Marmolejo. Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Big Shift? Tips from Bill Baren’s Big Shift Event

I just returned home from Bill Baren’s Big Shift Event and I’m flat out exhausted. (It didn’t help that my roommate — my good friend Therese Skelly, who you can listen to on the podcast — her son took a charge playing basketball Saturday night and ended up breaking 5 bones in his face and needed emergency plastic surgery on Sunday. Needless to say I spent a big chunk of the night helping her. Please feel free to connect with her about this on Facebook and send her and her son healing energy and prayers. Also keep reading because I talk more about her below.)

Anyway, so I’m taking time to recoup today — sleep and meditate and grounding — but I also wanted to share a few thoughts I had from The Big Shift. Continue reading

The Writing Life — What’s Your Shield?

I’m writing this at Bill Baren’s The Big Shift event. Bill is an interesting fellow (check out my PW Unplugged Radio interview with him) and what I most enjoy is how he presents “old” topics with a fresh, new slant.PenInk_150

Yesterday he talked about the “shields” we all carry around with us. A shield is something we use to protect ourselves from taking a chance and maybe getting hurt (like we start a new business but the business fails, so if we didn’t start that business we would never experience the hurt of it failing — and we have a shield that keeps us from ever starting the biz in the first place). Continue reading

No List? No Problem — 5 Creative Ways to Attract Top Joint Venture/Affiliate Partners Without a List

If you want to grow your business online, chances are you’ve heard a time or two that having a list of names and emails is the key to big success.

And you may also have heard that enlisting the help of joint venture (JV) partners or affiliates to promote you is the way to grow that list.

But, the problem is, if you don’t have a list to begin with, it’s very difficult to find JVs or affiliates who want to play with you.

So if no one will promote you, how do you grow your list?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

But all is not lost! I’m here to tell you it IS possible to attract top JVs and affiliates even if you don’t have that elusive big list. Continue reading

Help! My List is Too Small and Joint Venture Partners/Affiliates Won’t Promote Me

This is actually the first of a 2-part series with part 2 coming out tomorrow (which is called: “No List? No Problem — 5 Creative Ways to Attract Top Joint Venture/Affiliate Partners Without a List.”)

Now, in the fast moving world of Internet Marketing, we’ve moved into shorthand, i.e. “how big is your list?” — and then making decisions to promote or partner based on that number.Biker_01

While it makes perfect sense we would have progressed to that — as humans our natural progression it to move to shorthand and turning rote tasks into habits so we can get through our day quicker and with less brain power — the downside is list size does NOT tell the whole story.

I’ve seen folks with “massive” list sizes (over 100K) who had a pathetic number of people opt in for a promo (less than 100). I’ve seen folks with “small” lists (way less than 10K) who won big time affiliate contests.

So if list size is all that and a bag of chips, how could what I just said possibly be right? Continue reading

PW Unplugged Radio: Rich German and the Power of Joint Ventures


On today’s episode of PW Unplugged Radio, my guest Rich German (who together with Milana Leshinsky have founded the JV Insider Circle) and I dug into this whole frustrating topic of joint ventures (JVs) and affiliates.PW-Unplugged_01

Why do I call it frustrating, you may ask? Well, if you’ve ventured into this pool, you’ve probably discovered there’s a big catch-22 going on out there. There’s no question that joint venture partners can help grow your list, your visibility and your business, if you’re just starting out or you have a small list, you’ve probably discovered just how difficult it is to find JV partners willing to promote you. Yet without JV help, how on earth are you going to grow your list?

Sort of feels like an exclusive country club you can’t get an invitation too, eh? Continue reading

Ask PW — How do you find good keywords to promote my blog?

It’s not just blogs I hear this question with but websites as well, so let’s dig right into how to find good keywords to help you promote your business.Ask PW

First of all, the most important thing, and what you must do before you do ANYTHING else, is get into the head of your ideal clients.

It’s CRUCIAL you find keywords your IDEAL CLIENTS are using to search for you — NOT what YOU think are the best words to describe what you do.

I’ll give you an example — years and years ago I was coming up for keywords for my biz and I thought “copywriting resources” would be a great keyword. Continue reading

Life, Biz and the Pursuit of Happiness — Writer or Entrepreneur?

As I was writing my other column, The Writer’s Life, the other day, it suddenly occurred to me how intertwined my path as a writer was with my path as an entrepreneur.DoItForYou_04

For years I strictly thought of myself as a writer. Not a business owner. Not an entrepreneur. A writer. (In fact I taught myself to read when I was three because I wanted to write stories so badly.)

And when I started my biz in 1998, I didn’t actually start a business so much as I created a full-time writing job for myself. I was a freelance writer. Continue reading

The Writing Life — Taking a Break

I’ve decided there’s a fine line between breaking momentum and recharging your batteries.

As you know from last week, I was in a good writing routine. And then I took a break.PenInk_150

You see, I met my folks out in Vegas for a few days (it’s my Dad’s birthday). We had planned the trip for months so it wasn’t like it was a surprise and it wasn’t something I was going to cancel even if I was in a good writing routine.

Now, I decided to actually unplug during this time so I could get a good break (and trust me, this is NOT easy for me to do — I have a tough time unplugging and setting boundaries — see Life, Biz and The Pursuit of Happiness for more on that). And while that was really good for me — it also had the unfortunate side effect of breaking my writing momentum. Continue reading

Unleash Your Natural Connection Abilities to Grow Your Business

I was so excited to interview Jenn August on this very topic since I think the ability to build and nurture biz relationships is so crucial and so overlooked as a biz skill. She guest authored this blog post to give you a few more tips  to help you build solid biz friendships that help grow your biz. Enjoy!

We were all born with natural connection abilities. (Really!)GuestBlogPost_02

Think of it this way: At birth, you connected with your parents or caregivers immediately, and they naturally wanted to take care of you.

Now you might be wondering…

“If I have a natural ability to connect, why does it feel like such a struggle to go out and network and build my business?” Continue reading