The Feminine Business Model: Principles to Change Your Life

Guest blog post by Tracy Lee Jones

Can you feel it? This is a very special year. But frankly it’s got a different vibethan any other year. It’s a new world of juicy possibilities, especially for women. In the 21st Century, women have more choices around life and business than ever before in history. We are carving out innovative ways to do great things for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities across the globe.  

We are doing things our way.  It’s a new, refreshing model for business!

So what’s does that mean exactly?  Here are 2 principles and comparisons of the Old Model of doing business (based primarily on brick and mortar business planning essentials) compared to the New Model (based on the accelerated growth of service based and online businesses)

OLD MODEL VIEW #1  Force the Outcome...

The old model is to create a business plan, do all of the research up front, get all of your ducks in a row, PERFECTION.

Now unless you are creating a business that needs venture capital funding, this is a very time consuming strategy that can just lead to overwhelm and getting stuck and giving up.   The new model is that you start with what you have, who you know, and your current resources and you just start taking action and TWEAKING along the way.

This is a much more fluid, flexible, approach, it’s about getting into action NOW so you can experience what actually works and doesn’t work and shift as needed.

OLD MODEL VIEW #2  Create Goals, Take Action, Become Your Vision

The old model is a very linear approach that’s based outside of yourself.  The old model starts with identifying what you want to have (your goal) then taking the action to get it, so that you can be who you want to become.

The challenge is that too much of a rigid, linear approach can put blinders up to possibilities and can leave you feeling empty.  Case in point, have you ever wanted something, forced it to happen and then when you got it felt weren’t that happy after all?   The new model is to flip it.  Decide who you want to BE, take action from that place that serves your highest purpose.  By doing that you will have your heart’s desires.

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