The 3 Visionary Powers of Entrepreneurs

Guest blog post by Julie Ann Turner

Did you know that high-achieving entrepreneurs, creators, leaders and visionaries inevitably share Visionary Powers?

In many ways, these powers can serve you – they are among your greatest strengths …GuestBlogPost_02

Yet these same powers carry a potential hidden downside that can actually hold you back from sharing those very same strengths with your tribe – those who need your gifts and guidance most – and therefore, from building your business.

To help you ensure YOUR powers serve you (and help you serve your tribe) instead of hold you back, I’ve created the following guide to understanding which of the powers you are, along with my tips for avoiding their potential downsides.


If you’re a Visionary Power One, you are a flowing fountain of amazing ideas – you constantly astound your friends and loved ones with your creative thinking, as you effortlessly generate smart, savvy ways to do what you do … you will never have a shortage of cool, innovative ways to guide and serve your tribe …

Hidden Downside? That’s just it – you’ve got SO many brilliant, beautiful ideas floating around, sometimes it’s all you can do just to capture them, much less organize them so you can act on them, in the right order, and find a way to monetize them, so you can FINALLY grow your business and get those life-changing ideas out to all those who can benefit from them.

Signature Genius Key: You need to capture all the butterflies of your brilliant ideas – and get them to fly in formation – so you can serve and profitup to your potential – each of them becoming a flowing stream of income for you.


If you’re a Visionary Power Two, you are intelligent, educated – and always eager to discover new ideas, see the bigger picture, and share wisdom wherever you can … you’re committed to making a difference, not just a living …

Hidden Downside? There’s always something more to learn, to discover (and all visionaries are lifetime learners) – yet at times you may become susceptible to what I call “Power Procrastination” (very common to visionaries) – you value education so much, you may see and seek more and more information (one more degree, certification, course, etc.) before you feel completely “ready” to share your valuable transformation with the world.

Signature Genius Key: You need to honor your TRUE VALUE – the rich wisdom and life-changing guidance you already possess – and actually share it with your tribe now, while still expanding and enjoying – continuous learning and discovery.


If you’re a Visionary Power Three, you are committed to excellence in everything you do – you live up to your own high standards, and you would never want to let anyone down … you endeavor to shine in all you do

Hidden Downside? Lots of visionaries admit they are “recovering perfectionists” (myself included), because those same high standards that ensure we excel in our work may sometimes keep us from actually delivering our work at all … if there’s always one more component or tweak before we share it, our greatest contributions can sit forever on the drawing board, never released to touch real lives in the real world.

Signature Genius Key: You need to give the world your BEST – and be confident that you will deliver with excellence on your core promise, the core transformation your work(s) provide in the lives of your tribe members … to step up and share your TRUE VALUE now.

Which of these THREE VISIONARY POWERS resonates with you? It might be more than one – this is often the case with visionary entrepreneurs.

Like us, you desire to stand up, step out – and share something that matters … your SIGNATURE GENIUS – that singular mixture of gifts, talent, intelligence, intuition, perspective, expertise, experience – that only you can offer … … and your singular, sacred slice of contribution to the whole of world change for the better (your “something that matters” part).

The deep truth? When you discover your SIGNATURE GENIUS and your TRUE VALUE – all your ideas and excellence (your VISIONARY POWERS) naturally and clearly align, so you may package and offer your high value to serve your tribe, and receive the income you desire and deserve in return for sharing that high value only you can provide.

If you want to experience Success, Abundance & Profitability at the level WORTHY of you, and worthy of your one-of-a-kind contribution… You must FIRST discover your SIGNATURE GENIUS and your TRUE VALUE. Once you do, we can easily get all those brilliant butterflies to fly in formation.

As you can see, I understand how overwhelming all your brilliance can be … Yep, I said it – often, when you’re feeling scattered, it’s not that you lack focus – it’s actually that your brilliance (your multitude of ideas, your high intentions and your commitment to excellence) can actually be overwhelming to you …. …and you just need some clear, step-by-step guidance to sort out all the Visionary ideas you have swirling in your head.

I know how to guide your GREATNESS out of you – and how we can get it aligned and flowing, so that each stream of your brilliance means a stream of service for your tribe, and a stream of income for you. (How cool is that?!)

Your mission is to discover your SIGNATURE GENIUS. To honor it, to take joy in it and share it with the world. When you step into your GREATNESS, you step into your full joy, your full potential – and you naturally EXCEL. Then, your expression of your unique gifts is effortless and infused with joy.

So if you recognized these 3 VISIONARY POWERS in yourself, I’ve got the BEST NEWS – a special GIFT for you TODAY … I crafted a special surprise just for you and your fellow Visionary Entrepreneurs – called “Your Signature Genius! Discovery Guide”. It’s a powerful first step to help inventory and organize your thoughts and begin to get clear on how you can best use YOUR awesomeness to impact the world. You can get it here.

Julie Ann Turner, Bestselling Author of GENESIS OF GENIUS As International Bestselling Author of GENESIS OF GENIUS (#3 Amazon Hot New Release in Creativity), as well as a speaker, global radio personality, executive coach and social innovator, Julie Ann Turner – CEO of ConsciousSHIFT.Me – guides global Thought Leaders and World-Changers to discover and profit from their Signature Genius, and live to their highest creative potential. Julie Ann’s global ConsciousSHIFT Radio Show (290,000+ subscribers worldwide and growing – on iTunes here) features voices and visionaries leading the worldwide co-creative movement.

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