25 Ways to Add More Creativity in Your Biz

If you ever have one of those days when you’re absolutely dragging, and feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body (or maybe it’s one of those REALLY bad days when you feel like you may never be creative again) or maybe you just need a new perspective on something, take heart — these 25 tips may be just the ticket you need to rev up your creativity, and get those ideas sparking again!

  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes and tell yourself you’re going to generate as many ideas as you can in that 20 minutes — even if they’re totally out there or “stupid.” And no judging! By the end of the 20 minutes, you may be amazed at what you come up with. Either record yourself talking or just free write.
  2. Speaking of writing, journaling is also great to spark your creativity.
  3. Pull a card from the Creativity Whack Pack by Roger von Oech. You can either get the actual card deck, or download the app. Then do whatever the card suggests.
  4. Take a walk. (Getting away from the problem — not to mention moving your body — can work wonders to start the creative juices.)
  5. Take a nap. (You know that old saying “Sleep on it?” Yep, that actually works!)
  6. Dance around the house.
  7. Get a cup of coffee.
  8. Take a shower. (Yes even in the middle of day. Amazing what a shower can do.)
  9. Read — maybe look through what others in your industry are doing or even look at what folks in other industries are doing. You can get a lot of ideas looking at what someone else in a totally different situation is doing, and then, put your own twist on it.
  10. Draw, paint, or work on an arts and crafts project, even if you think you have no talent (it doesn’t matter what it looks like when it’s done, it’s the process that’s important). These activities are perfect to stimulate the right brain.
  11. Meditate. Meditating is known to be a great way to strengthen your creativity.
  12. Play with your dog. Or your cat. Or your hamster.
  13. Sing! At the top of your lungs! (Don’t worry about what the neighbors think. They’re not trying to be more creative right now. Or maybe they are, and they’ll join in with you!)
  14. Laugh. A great big ol’ belly laugh.
  15. Light a great-smelling candle and maybe put on some classical music. (Bach and Handel are especially fabulous at accessing the creative part of your brain.)
  16. Plant a flower. Playing in the dirt can be very healing for your creative soul.
  17. Build a sand castle. No sand? Try a Pla-Doh castle instead.
  18. Eat some chocolate. (Okay, so there’s nothing out there that says this will make you more creative, but it probably will make you feel better about not being creative.)
  19. Buy a bunch of magazines and create a collage. You might try creating a collage around the problem you’re trying to solve. (Now wouldn’t that get the creative juices flowing?) Just use visual images to describe the problem and/or the solution.
  20. Try looking at the problem from a completely new perspective. For instance, for years, shipping companies were trying to save money by making faster ships to cross the ocean. But then one day someone realized where the REAL wasted time was: at the loading dock – loading and unloading cargo. So they created pre-loaded containers and vehicles they could drive on and off the ship. Problem solved! So what’s a different way you can look at the problem?
  21. How would someone else solve the problem? Imagine you’re able to talk to one of your heroes or mentors — doesn’t matter if they’re famous, dead, whatever. How would THEY solve the problem? Imagine having a conversation with them and asking them for their advice. (And if you’re spiritually-minded, you may want to ask God or Source for guidance.)
  22. Bake a cake. Or some cookies. Make it a carrot cake if you want to be healthy. (Okay not really.)
  23. Pamper yourself with a long, hot, luxurious bath. Or maybe even a Jacuzzi.
  24. Get a massage.
  25. Stop for the day. Just stop. Go do something else. And before you go to sleep, ask your subconscious to work on it. That alone can give you a whole new fresh perspective (not to mention a burst of creativity and innovation).

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