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Why Me? 3 Reasons Why YOUR Website is being Haunted by Monsters

(And if you missed last week’s article “3 Signs Your Website Has Been Attacked By Monsters” just click here.)

Michele PW - Monster HunterIf you suffer from “website shame” and/or have a website that just isn’t doing anything for you — no leads, no clients no sales — then you very well may have a monster lurking in your website.

But there is hope! You see, in my role as Monster Hunter, I’ve discovered a few things that make a website susceptible to a monster attack … and I’m sharing the 3 most common reasons below.

1. Lack of clarity. You’re struggling with your message, or how to communicate what you offer to the world. You may feel how different you are but don’t have the words to express it — so instead, you sound like everyone else.

Website Killer Monsters LOVE websites like this — because the Website Killer Monster hides in the shadows, and when you’re confused, there are an awful lot of shadows on your site. When you’re clear about your message and how to express it, it’s like shining a bright light on your website — the shadows disappear and there’s nowhere for the Website Killer Monster to lurk.

2. Don’t have a strong ideal client. Maybe you have a vague sense of who you want to work with, or maybe you haven’t really drilled down to a specific ideal client group because you’re a little worried you’ll lose clients if you’re too narrow. Or maybe you don’t really know who you want to work with.

This is great for the Website Killer Monster, because if you’re not clear on who you want to attract, no one else will be either. No one will really know if they are your ideal clients — which makes them very easy to scare away.

If you’re clear on who your ideal clients are, and your ideal clients can feel it, then they’ll know they belong on your site and will ignore the Website Killer Monster’s attempts to chase them off.

3. Lack of understanding about how to build a website. Websites are easy to put together — right? You’ve looked at lots of them, and maybe you used a couple as models for building your site.


Putting together a website isn’t as easy as throwing up some copy on a web page and calling it a day. You’re creating an online showroom for your ideal client — a place where they want to come and learn about you and find out if you can help them solve their problems. If you’ve never put a website together, you wouldn’t know all the little things that need to happen to create the right experience for your ideal clients so they actually become your clients.

(And don’t get me started on copying other sites — what if the site you’re copying has its own Website Killer Monster? Now you’ve just created the perfect haunting grounds for your own monster!)

If you know what to look for, then you can build a website that doesn’t have all kinds of nooks and crannies where Website Killer Monsters love to hang out (which means your ideal clients won’t be staying long).

And if you want an even more in-depth training on what to do about your website, make sure you join me on my complimentary training call at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern on Thursday, October 3rd: “Is the Website Killer Monster Haunting Your Website? 3 Steps to Banish Him for Good So You See More Leads, Clients and Money From Your Website.” Make sure you reserve your space here.

3 Signs Your Website Has Been Attacked by Monsters!

Yes Virginia, there are monsters.

Michele PW – Monster Hunter

As I’m sure you’re intimately aware (probably more aware than you’d like to be) things go wrong in businesses.

Lots of things. Lots of times.

(And sometimes it even feels like all the things all of the time.)

Now if you’ve experienced something going wrong in your biz, you may have reached out for a solution or an answer to what’s going on. And depending on who you asked, you probably heard anything from “You have mindset blocks getting in your way” to “You simply don’t know a certain strategy or tactic.”

And I’m here to tell you it’s NONE of those things. If something is going wrong in your biz, it may very well mean there is a monster lurking about — haunting your biz, sabotaging your success, and just plain wreaking havoc.

Worse, there are lots and lots of different monsters that attack all sorts of different areas in your biz. And they can strike any time, any place. And since no one is talking about these sneaky, slimy, creepy creatures, they are allowed to grow and fester unchecked, attacking unsuspecting entrepreneurs at will.

But there is hope! You see, I am Michele PW Monster Hunter (yes you may know of me as Michele PW, Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist, but today I am Michele PW Monster Hunter).

And today I want to shine a light on these dastardly fellows so you can start to recognize when you are under attack from monsters, and then take the proper steps to banish them for good.

The monster I want to talk about today is called the Website Killer. He’s a bit shy, so he’s pretty hard to spot, but here are 3 signs that you are being haunted by the Website Killer:

1. You are embarrassed by your website. This may manifest itself as not wanting to give out your website URL, or if you do, you find yourself giving all sorts of qualifiers like “Oh I need to redo it,” or “I have one of those ‘bad’ websites,” or “It’s old and I just haven’t had time to work on it.”

You may also find you’re putting off launching a product or program, or approaching potential joint venture or affiliate partners, or lining up teleclasses or doing other visibility strategies like getting yourself out there on Facebook, or posting videos – because you don’t want ANYONE to see your website. And the fact that your other marketing strategies have ground to a halt niggles you constantly — you KNOW you’re losing valuable money-making and promotional opportunities, yet you just can’t bring yourself to give out your website URL because the idea that your ideal clients are looking at it makes you break out into a cold sweat.

(And the reason this is happening is because the Website Killer gives off a foul stench. So when he’s hiding in the shadows of your site, even though you can’t see him, you can certainly sense his presence and you end up feeling all sorts of website shame.)

2. You’ve moved beyond website shame into website hatred. You can’t stand your site. Every time you think about it, you can feel your insides clench up. Argh! Worse, maybe you have even spent a ton of money on your site and it makes you sick, because you know you need to spend MORE time or money to fix it. (You may even have a few Website Killer monsters haunting your site — they do travel in packs and the more you have hiding in your site, the worse you feel about it.)

3. Your website isn’t doing anything for you. No leads, no customers, no sales — no nothing. Worse, you’re not even sure what you’re doing wrong. (What you don’t realize is that Website Killer monster hiding in the shadows is scaring away all your ideal prospects!)

So if any of these signs feel familiar, here’s what I recommend you do:

1. Sign up for my free call “Is the Website Killer Monster Haunting Your Website? 3 Steps to Banish Him for Good So You See More Leads, Clients and Money From Your Website” here:

. (And you may want to watch my Monster Hunter video as well.) You’ll walk away with a plan, knowing exactly how to banish the Website Killer Monster for good.

2. Once you opt in, you’ll have a chance to submit your website for me to conduct a paranormal investigation. I’ll be selecting a few sites to investigate and sharing my findings (and I may select yours).

But the most important thing to remember — you’re not alone. The Website Killer has been around for, well, as long as we’ve had websites. And he just keeps multiplying and multiplying, so MANY entrepreneurs struggle with this.

But there is hope. And the first step to banishing him for good is being aware he exists, and figuring out if he’s haunting your site. Once you know that, we can start putting a plan in place that will send him on his way.

3 Ways Being Creative Can Hurt You In Biz

Yes you read the title right. This is all about how being creative can hurt you in biz.

We all know being creative is definitely an asset when you’re an entrepreneur. But…

Your greatest strengths are also your greatest weakness. And being TOO creative can actually keep you from building the biz of your dreams. So let’s dig into how creativity can actually hurt you in biz.

1. You love starting new things — but finishing? Not so much. There’s nothing like the rush of a new idea or a new brainstorm, is there? It’s soooo much fun to live on the Island of Possibilities and Dreams.

Which is why the Land of What Your Biz Is In Real Life feels so, well, blah.

Ideas that live on the Island Of Dreams are fun. Coaxing those ideas off of their fun island (where they’re hanging out at the beach during the day and partying every night) and talking them into becoming permanent citizens on the Land of Reality where they are now earning their keep and making money for you can be not-so-fun.

Those ideas aren’t necessarily all that thrilled about leaving their carefree lifestyle. So it takes time. And work. And sometimes that work is difficult and unpleasant.

(And that doesn’t even cover the “what if the idea isn’t all that hot once it’s real” fear that can also take over as you get close to finishing a new project.)

So being super creative can also mean lots of unfinished projects that are still half on the Island of Dreams, which means their hanging out having a blast rather than making any money for you.

2. You want to love the projects you’re working on. Yes we all want to love what we’re working on, but the truth of the matter is no matter how much you love an idea, there will be times where you just want to ship the smelly thing back to the Island of Dreams to stay.

If you’re too creative, you may decide it’s easier to just fall in love with a different idea on the Island of Dreams and, well, that means another unfinished project on your to-do list that isn’t making you any money.

But if you want to be a successful entrepreneur you must resist that urge. Only ideas that are firmly in the Land of Reality will have any hope of making you any money so even if you aren’t feeling the love, work through it.

3. Ideas aren’t the only thing you fall in and out of love with — your biz brand is also a constant moving target. This is the one that’s really tough to overcome. If you find yourself changing your brand every year, then it’s going to be really difficult to build traction in the marketplace.

Now while I am a big believer in just getting something out and letting the marketplace give you feedback (and yes I have gone through a few brands myself over the years) if you are constantly just not happy with your biz brand, then you are definitely letting your creativity rule your biz.

There is a time and place to rebrand — but it’s NOT because you’re tired or bored with your brand (especially if it wasn’t that long ago you rebranded because you were…well tired and bored with your brand). If you rebrand too much you’re just asking for your ideal clients to be confused, and that’s very often the first step to biz failure.

So, you’ve probably sensed a theme here. And that theme is — if you know you’re creative, and you find yourself making decisions on your biz, your brand, your products, your programs, your marketing, etc. based on if something is fun or gives you that rush, and you find yourself NOT working on something because it’s starting to feel like work (and you’d rather go back to the rush) then you’re probably allowing your creativity to dictate your biz rather than enhance your biz. And that’s a recipe for a not-so-successful biz.

What “Cut Throat Kitchen” Can Teach You About Business

I’m not a huge reality television show watcher, but what I do like to watch are competition shows. Whether it’s sports or competitive cooking, I like watching how people respond to pressure. (After all, as entrepreneurs we’re always under pressure, it’s just not as condensed as it is on television nor is it typically terribly visual.)

Anyway so there’s a new cooking competition show called “Cut Throat Kitchen” that is the perfect analogy of how we view challenges in our biz.

Here’s the premise — professional chefs are able to sabotage their opponents while they’re cooking. Maybe they take away a key food item, maybe they force them to do all their cooking in a microwave or take away their knives. It always changes depending on what they happen to be cooking (the chefs “bid” on the sabotage items).

Anyway so on one particular show, the last two chefs standing had very different paths on how they got there. The woman had very little sabotage done to her, but the man had pretty much everything thrown at him.

The last dish they had to cook was lobster rolls. When they collected their ingredients, one of the woman’s lobsters fell on the floor. She was so disgusted by the thought of cooking with “living” food, she decided she couldn’t be bothered picking it up and left it there.

Cooking commenced and as par for the course, the man lost both sabotage auctions and ended up having to cook around the sabotages.

And you know who won? The man. The reason why the woman lost is because she didn’t have enough lobster in her lobster rolls — if she had just picked her lobster off the floor she probably would have won.

Okay so where are the business lessons? Well to me this was a beautiful analogy of how you deal with set backs in your biz.

The man had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him, yet he prevailed. He easily could have folded and used what he had to cook through as an excuse for failing. Yet he didn’t. He found a way to succeed despite the outside factors working against him.

As a business owner, we deal with outside forces beyond our control every day. We could easily say we’re not successful because of the “economy” or not having the money/time/team or not living in a supportive environment, etc. But is that REALLY why we aren’t successful? Or is it just an excuse to fail?

The woman, however, sabotaged herself. She didn’t pick up her lobster. And she lost. Her mindset kept her from doing the one thing that would have allowed her to succeed.

So now I ask you — when you hit a speed bump in your business, what do you do? Do you immediately blame outside forces? Do you look for a way to succeed despite outside forces? Do you look at yourself to see where your mindset or actions could have led to this outcome?

There’s no question what I’m saying is much easier said than done, but if you can change how you view set backs, challenges and obstacles, that could be the difference between winning it all or going home empty handed.