In a nano-second…your prospect could be gone. (And it may be YOUR fault)

Guest post by Therese Skelly

This may shock you…

There’s a “Nano-Second” in Time When Your Prospect Decides Whether or Not to Work With You…And Their Answer…Is All In Your Head

It’s like you have them….and then they slip through your fingers.  Let me tell you why.

The sales cycle for service based entrepreneurs takes a certain route.

Phase 1 is creating awareness of your business via networking, social media, blogging, writing articles, speaking for free, and building referral partnerships.

Phase 2 is bringing prospects in a little closer for a more intimate interaction with you. This might happen in an interview call you do with a colleague, or on your own teleclass. For a few of you, it might happen in a small-group presentation to an organization. Or, phase 2 could include a free phone consultation with you–and it is this short, “sliver of time,” out of the entire sales trajectory, that carries within it your success or your failure.

Think about it. You’ve done all the prep work and you actually have an interested prospect on the phone with you.

As a heart-centered, conscious entrepreneur, you are going to ask all about them and their challenges.

And when they turn around and ask you how you work, what the process is like–you’re probably sailing along with that, too.

Then comes the death-knell. They ask you what your fees are.

And it is right in this precise moment that you can let that sale slip away.

And it won’t be because your fees are too high, or your credentials are lacking.

It will be because there is a part of you (the mindset piece) that may not fully be in alignment with the thing you are offering.  Sure…you can roll lower prices programs out all day, but trying quoting the higher fees?  Maybe you rock at this already, but if you are like most people…there is a little glitch!  (Heck, even people who make $20k a month still suffer from this, so it’s not just a ‘start-up’ issue.)

Here are 3 reasons why you may be ‘going weak’ and backing down just a bit. (And don’t feel bad if you relate to these…I have done them all!)

1.  You have not fully owned your value and understand just how much working with you will be life changing for them. It takes awhile to really land in a deep way just how valuable you are in the work you do.  Many people struggle with this because there is a tendency to have the ‘brilliance in the blind spot’ problem, so while others may see the rock star you are…it may not come as powerfully to you.  What to do?  Get someone to work with you to discover just how amazing you are, ask clients for testimonials, and stop minimizing the work you do!

2. You are taking responsibility for their financial position. This is easy to do.  You roll out your fees and your prospect launches into how they can’t afford it, or how things have been difficult because of the economy.  So instead of coaching them to solutions, the ‘break down’ here is to feel guilty that you want to charge them so much. We have all done this and it doesn’t serve.  People find money for things they value.  Period.  Feeling bad that your rates may make them uncomfortable does not serve them!  Work on boundaries around this because when there is ‘skin in the game’ there are often better results.

3.  You have to be willing to let them go if they are not a good fit.  The most powerful position to be in for the selling conversation is that of taking a stand for yourself, and NOT NEEDING them to become a client.  This is critical.  Back in the old days I made everything work for everyone!  I’d trade, lower my fees, roll out lower end programs, etc.; all just to make sure the clients got to work with me.  But today I understand that not everyone may be able to afford the programs I have, and I have to be willing to let them go. It’s hard at times because I do really want to serve, but in order to be in integrity with my best work, I have to stick to my guns and stick with my pricing structure.  (What helps with this is having kick butt coaching or mastermind partners who will give you some grief if you do back down.  I highly recommend it!)

Here’s what I know to be true…You can learn all the right techniques, from any famous sales guru–but if you don’t look at what’s transpiring between you and your prospect (and what’s happening in your head), none of that training will matter.

That’s why I’m offering a free call on Wednesday, April 4th at 3 pm Eastern / 12 noon Pacific.  It’s called “Secrets to Enrolling Clients Without Hype or Pitch So You Can Be Serving Without Selling” and you’ll learn more about what causes this break down as well as some solutions to it.  I’d love you to feel more confident and have a better track record closing more sales, so please join me on the call.  Click here to register.  This might be one of the most important calls you listen to all year if you want to grow your business (and yourself.)

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  1. Therese Skelly

    Michele, thanks so much for sharing these tips.
    It’s really critical that a biz owner master the sales part of the equation, and I’m grateful you are getting this information to your readers!

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