Beauty vs the Beast — who wins?

I’m celebrating “How to Sell Women” day today. (Okay, I completely made that up.) But it certainly DOES feel like everywhere you turn around there’s yet more proof that women are changing the face of commerce.

So, instead of an ezine this week, I decided to do a quick email to let you know about an opportunity to learn more about selling to women plus give you some juicy intel I picked up at Yanik’s Underground event.

First, the opportunity. There’s still time to get in on Lisa Sasevich’s “How To Sell To Women” free virtual event. People are RAVING about the content. If you want to learn how to inspire, honor and serve women at the highest level so they can step up and say “YES” to themselves, this is for you.

Here’s the link to get your complimentary “virtual seat“.

Now, let me share some of the HOT new conversion strategies I picked up at Yanik.

What’s in: Beautiful online sales letters and videos (beautiful meaning lots of graphics and pictures and just very pleasing to the eye, and sales letters meaning those long-copy sales letters that are online and you have to scroll forever to find the price)

What’s out: Ugly sales letters and videos

Why is this big news? Well, if you studied under the Dan Kennedy School of Copywriting, like I did, you learned that ugly sold better. Ugly sales letters and also ugly packaging on products (there were no videos back then so that didn’t come up). He compared it to a flea market where the best-selling booth was also the messiest. Everything strewn all over in a chaotic fashion and for some reason that was the booth everyone shopped at.

Well, it looks like the tide has shifted and beauty is coming into its own. Now, no one actually talked about WHY beauty was beating ugly, but here’s what I think is going on. Back when Dan was doing most of his copywriting and testing, men were the main buyers of products and services. That doesn’t mean men don’t value beauty — Steve Jobs clearly had beauty as one of his core values — but I suspect overall, men see beauty differently than women. And because of that, they may be less interested in how the sales copy (and product packaging) looks and more interested in what the content says.

Women, on the other hand, are very conscious of how a sales page or product looks. And they are especially conscious around the design of their own marketing materials.

Now this isn’t to say you don’t need good copywriting anymore. ? Yes you still need strong, persuasive writing on your sales letters and web pages. But the difference is now you also need to consider the graphics on those pages as well.

Watch for my ezine next week where I’ll share more tips and strategies from the event. And if you want to learn more about selling to women, make sure you join Lisa for her “How to Sell to Women” virtual event, which is going on now.

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