3 Tips To Internet Marketing Even If It’s Not Your Cup of Tea

Ah, the lure of the Internet. On the surface, it’s a dream come true. You can start a business out of your home selling your products and services everywhere and anywhere in the world without big marketing budgets or lots of advertising.

Then you put your first website up and the dream comes crashing down with a big thud. It’s not nearly as easy as it first looks.

So you do your research. You start learning everything you can about Internet Marketing.

But it’s still not as simple as what the “gurus” say. Maybe you’re still stuck at your current revenue goals and you know you could be making more. Maybe you feel uncomfortable or “icky” around your marketing. Maybe you agonize over every negative email and feedback you get. And maybe you feel like there MUST be a better way.

Well, never fear — help is here! Read on for 3 tips to help you get more success with your Internet Marketing strategies.

1. Pull up those big girl panties and get some business training. Look, I get it. You started your business for all sorts of reasons that have really nothing to do with owning your own business. You wanted freedom, to provide for your family, to not have a boss, to get your message out into the world, to make a difference. None of those reasons started with the words “I love business.”

So, it only stands to reason you have little to none training or experience in business. And if that’s the case, why do you think this is somehow going to come naturally to you?

Learning to run a business is like learning to do any skill. And if you learn to run an effective, profitable business, then you’re more likely to put Internet Marketing in its proper place, which is…

2. Internet Marketing is a tool in your marketing toolbox, it is NOT a business model. There’s a certain amount of confusion around this whole Internet Marketing thing, that this somehow is a business model rather than a collection of strategies. Now, while it certainly CAN turn into a business model, that’s not a desirable situation. Typically, when that happens, your business has turned into a “launch after launch” model, which is highly stressful on a number of levels (not to mention it’s not terribly sustainable for the long term).

If you view your Internet Marketing as simply another tool in your toolbox, then your mindset changes. It’s just another tool — nothing more, nothing less. Certainly nothing to agonize about. And now you can focus on using that tool correctly.

Which leads me to my third point…

3. If there’s a part of Internet Marketing you really struggle with, take a good hard look at it. One of two things will most likely happen — either you’ll see the reason you struggle is because you have a block around something else, and if you want to fix it you work on the block. Or you realize this piece is just not going to happen — either you really hate doing it or maybe you feel like it’s not in alignment with you or your business. Now, if it’s the latter, you’re going to either have to find another way to get the same results or you’re going to have to accept the consequences of not doing it.

But how do you know which it is? If it’s a block or something else? And if it’s something else, how do you make that choice to do something different? And how do you know what the consequences even are before it’s too late?

Well, I have the answer — and because it’s not a short and sweet answer, I created an entire special report around it: “Why EVERYTHING You’ve Been Taught About Marketing on the Internet Will NOT Work for You and What You Can Do To Turn it Around.”

You can download a copy for free — here’s the link: http://www.MichelePW.com/sand

This is a problem I’ve seen over and over again — conscious entrepreneurs making a choice around Internet Marketing based on faulty or incomplete information and not realizing the consequences until it’s too late. It’s something no one else is talking about and I finally got tired of seeing this so I decided to create a special report around it.

Here’s that link again: http://www.MichelePW.com/sand


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