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3 Keys to Building a Successful Online Biz


After building a successful online business myself, not to mention being a part of my clients’ online businesses, I’ve found there are 3 main keys you need to have in place to enjoy a solid successful Internet business.

Although it’s not easy to build a successful anything, these 3 keys will go a long way to putting the foundation together for a successful online business.

Ready to get started?

1. Send warm leads to your web site. Every successful business needs a fresh source of new leads and a great place to find those leads is on the Internet.

But that’s just easier said than done. Alas, the “if you build it, they will come” just doesn’t work for web sites. So how do you find new prospects on the Internet? Here are 6 ways to get you started:

* Social networking (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In)

* Article marketing (placing articles on article portals such as Ideamarketers or EzineArticles)

* Paid ads (pay per click or Facebook ads)

* Online press releases

* Podcasts

* Videos

The key is to integrate several ways to drive traffic to your site. If you rely on just one or two, and something happens to those sources of traffic, it could dramatically impact your bottom line. (In a bad way.) The more sources of traffic you have, the more stable your business becomes.

2. Get those warm leads in your database. You may have heard the saying “the money is in the list” and that’s because there’s a lot of truth to that. When you have a warm list of names to market your products and services to, it makes building a successful and profitable business that much easier.

So how do you build a warm list? (Note — a warm list is defined as people who know who you are and are inclined to buy your products and services, versus a cold list that doesn’t have any idea who you are and needs to be convinced you do indeed have the solution to their problems.) You build a warm list by first capturing leads (from your web site, from speaking on stage and teleclasses, etc.) and then by making sure you get in front of them on a regular basis so they get to know you. A regularly published ezine is an excellent way to do that. You also want to regularly sell to your list, because if you don’t ask your list to buy your products and services, you’ll create a list that is only interested in what you offer for free.

3. Turn warm leads into paid customers. This is where direct response copywriting (my specialty) comes in. Actually, it starts in the second key as you need to use direct response copywriting to get people on your list in the first place.

Copywriting is writing promotional copy for business (it has nothing to do with copyrighting a book or piece of artwork, note the spelling difference). Direct response means the copy itself is persuading people to take action (the copy is causing a direct response). This is a learned skill, no you don’t have to be a writer to be a successful direct response copywriter. And once you master this skill, selling online becomes a heck of a lot easier because you can make money directly from emails and web site pages.

Many of the ultra successful online entrepreneurs were direct response copywriters at one point in their lives. (Alex Mandossian and Ali Brown anyone?) If you want to learn more about direct response copywriting, I highly suggest you take a look at my Juicy Online Marketing Essentials Bootcamp, which has gotten rave reviews and results from past students (the next bootcamp starts May 14). Here’s the link to learn more:

If you master these 3 keys, you will be well on your way to building a successful online business.

Want to be Queen for a Day?

What comes to mind when you think of being Queen for a Day? Living in a castle, sitting on a throne and being waited on hand and foot? Or is it just having the life you desire — your perfect life?

However you define it, you’ll have your chance to be Queen for a Day on May 5 – during the first ever Virtual Crowing Party celebrating women everywhere!

Kathy Kinney (best known for her iconic role of Mimi on The Drew Carey Show and her best gal pal of more than 35 years, Cindy Ratzlaff, founding partner of Supreme Social Media, Ad Age Marketing 50 award winner and Forbes “Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter” have written a book “Queen of Your Own Life: The Grown Up Woman’s Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve.”

They’ll share the secrets to becoming Queen of Your Own Life and literally place the crown firmly on your head!  AND, like any great party, there will be prizes galore for all attendees. (In fact, I’m providing one of the bonuses so you definitely want to check it out.)

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3 Secrets to Succeeding Online with Your Business


Succeeding online is easy, right? Just throw up a sales page, drop in some “buy now” links and sit back and watch your bank account grow.

Well, if you’ve been in business any length of time, you already know it doesn’t work like that. (No matter what “promises” or “hype” you might have seen.) It’s never that easy. But there’s no question it IS possible. (My client list is proof of that.)

So how DO you succeed online? Well let me share 3 secrets to get you started.

1. Know what you’re highest payoff activities are. The successful entrepreneurs I’ve worked with know exactly what they should be focusing on each day. They know what they’re strengths are and what’s going to bring in the most money. That’s what I mean by highest pay-off activities. They know what’s going to bring them the biggest bang for the least amount of time.

So how do you figure out what your highest pay-off activities are? Start by making a list of your strengths and weaknesses. (And if you have trouble with this, my good friend and client Lynda-Ross Vega has a great assessment to help you out: )

Now look at your strengths. Out of those skills, what brings you the most money in the shortest amount of time possible? What you might want to do is make a list of activities and evaluate how much money you make versus time spent, then you’ll have a better idea what bring you the biggest bang for the least amount of time.

2. They DO their highest pay-off activities. Ah, yes. It’s not enough to actually know them, you need to actually DO them. And, better yet, you should organize your day around your highest-payoff activities. That way, you know you’re spending as much time as possible on your highest pay-off activities.

3. They delegate out or delete their weaknesses. Without a doubt, the successful entrepreneurs I know spend little to no time trying to “strengthen weaknesses.” What they typically spend their time doing is strengthening their strengths and outsourcing (or just plain dumping) their weaknesses.

Why do they do that? Because they make more money when they spend most of their time doing their highest pay-off activities. And they can’t spend their time doing their highest pay-off activities if they’re busy strengthening their weakness or doing low pay-off activities. We all only have 24 hours a day, so you need to know how best to use that time so you can become the biggest success possible.

Now, you may have noticed these aren’t specific for the Internet, these are general success strategies. I did that on purpose — if you master success habits that work online, you’ll master success habits that will work in pretty much any other situation. Next week I’ll share specific tips you can use online to be successful.

Want to know why they won’t buy?

So how is your year going? Are you making the sales you want to be?

Or not so much?

Well, if you’re not (or if you want to see an even BETTER year) I have good news for you. You CAN be making money, even in this “new economy.” Plenty of my clients are. And I’d like to share what they’re doing to get leads, clients and sales in their business in a free call I’m hosting with my good friend and Juicy Biz partner Lisa Cherney “Why Won’t They Buy? 3 Simple Secrets to Selling Your Expertise Online” on April 21 at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern.

Here’s the link to reserve your space:

Lisa and I got together to do this call because we’ve seen how so many entrepreneurs struggle to make money online and we want to help. Between the two of us, we’ve worked with HUNDREDS of business owners and entrepreneurs over the years and we KNOW what it takes to succeed online.

In fact, I’d LOVE  to know what YOUR biggest question is about succeeding online. Please leave your comment below to let me know. And don’t forget to reserve your space for Wed’s call!

Does Your Business Need a Good Spring Cleaning?


Over the years I’ve discovered that most things in life can be improved with a good spring cleaning. Your business is no different.

After all, you choose to do a spring cleaning because stuff accumulates. Whether it’s dust or dirt or junk mail or clutter or just “stuff” in general, it’s good to take some time and get rid of it all. Then you can start fresh and clean.

Your business is the same way. Whether it’s piles of old files that need to be thrown out or relationships that are no longer serving you, sometimes it’s good to take stock on what’s working and not working in your business, clean out what’s not working so you can open up the space to more of what you DO want. And yes, this sounds sort of woo-woo, but it actually does work.

So ready to get that “spring clean feeling” in your biz? Here are a few places to get started:

Environment —

1. Get rid of your stacks. File them, toss them, delegate them. Do something with them, but just get rid of them.

2. Clean out old client files. This works like a charm. The moment you clean out old client files, whether that means filing them into long-term storage or tossing them, you’ll discover new clients starting to contact you. I first discovered this when I was a freelancer — every time I wanted new clients one of the things I did (along with marketing and picking up the phone) was clean out my old client files. And it worked!

3. Get rid of the clutter in your office. Are there things that need to be mailed (for instance, books you borrowed from people and need to be returned)? Or do you have things you really need to donate? Box them up and ship them out!

Relationships —

1. Are you in relationships that are no longer serving you? Maybe you’re in different places or one of you has changed and it’s no longer a good fit. Be honest here. And be thorough. Look at your friends, associates, biz partners, JV or affiliate relationships, clients (yes even clients) and team members. If something isn’t working (and yes, you know it’s not working, your gut has probably already zeroed in the relationships you need to take a closer look at) then you probably need to move on. (Or at the very least, change the relationship.)

2. Difficult conversations. Are there some difficult conversations you’ve been putting off? Maybe someone owes you money or didn’t live up to some other promise? Maybe they did something you don’t agree with? Whatever it is, spring cleaning is a great time to get that cleaned up so you can move forward.

Habits —

1. Are there things you’re either doing or not doing that you know would move you forward? Maybe you want to start exercising regularly, meditating, journaling, or just getting your ezine out each week? Or maybe you’re wasting a lot of time on things that aren’t serving you or moving you forward in your business? Take a look at what you’re doing on a daily basis to see if that’s helping you or hindering you.

None of these tasks are necessarily things you’re going to enjoy, but once you do them, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel (and how much energy it frees up for you). And don’t be surprised if you start seeing a flood of things you want come pouring into your business.

What Information Products Can Do For Your Business


After spending the past few issues talking about mistakes entrepreneurs make creating and selling information products, I thought maybe it was time to talk about why you want to bother with this whole mess to begin with.

Well, let me give you 5 reasons why you want to add information products to your business:

1. An additional income stream. If you’re just making money selling your services, adding information products gives you a passive or leveraged income stream. It also can help stabilize your cash flow. If you’ve been in business for a few years, you notice there’s an ebb and flow to sales — offering a variety of packages, products, services, etc. helps minimize those cash flow “ebbs.”

2. Options for your prospects. If the only way your prospects can invest with you if through your services, you’re limiting yourself. Some people aren’t going to want to invest in your services — either it’s not right for them now or not right for them at all. But an information product may be exactly what they want. However, if you don’t have one to offer, you’ll lose the sale.

3. A way for your prospects to “try” your services. Sometimes your ideal clients need to “test you out” before they invest in your full services. An information product lets them do that — they can go through your product and if they decide they like what they see, they’ll take the next step with you.

4. Options for marketing. If you have information products, it opens up doors for you. You can sell your information products on teleclasses, you can sell them at the back of the room for live events, you may even find other opportunities falling into your lap. It’s amazing how much you can expand your marketing once you have an info product to sell.

5. A way to uplevel your entire marketing. If you have information products you can do things like have a product launch (or relaunch) or a sale. And every time you do a launch or a sale, not only do you have the opportunity to make money right then from that product, but you’ll also gain visibility, grow your list, and probably sell your other products and services as well. Best yet, the more launches you do, the more you’ll see your overall business grow.

Info products can be a great addition to the other programs and services your business offers. But, remember, none of the above 5 things just “happen” — you still need to take the time to properly market and create them. They’re not a magic bullet but over time, they CAN transform your business.