My 24-hr Sale (or Why You Should Be Thanking Uncle Sam)

A couple of weeks ago, my accountant called to let me know my taxes were ready. He also shared with me that I was one of the “lucky” ones – I was one of the few in his practice who owed money because my business made money last year.

Ah, lucky me.

Good news, my business was successful last year. Bad new, Uncle Sam wants his piece of the pie.

So I decided to look at this as a win-win. I would have a 24-hr sale on one of my best products, Kaching Traffic Secrets.

You win because you’ll be able to save a whopping $200 for 24 hours AND you’ll get THE system on driving more traffic to your site using Web 2.0 tactics. This isn’t another information product that will languish unopened on your shelf – this is the actual system I use for myself and for my clients to drive thousands of visitors to their sites.  You just hand it over to your virtual assistant and they implement it. It’s that easy!

And I win because I’ll be happily writing my check to Uncle Sam. (Well, happily might be stretching it…)

Uncle Sam wins too, but maybe we’ll not talk about that…

Anyway, sale starts bright and early Thursday morning at 6 am Pacific and ends Friday at 6 am Pacific. Here’s the link if you want to check out Kaching Traffic Secrets now:

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One thought on “My 24-hr Sale (or Why You Should Be Thanking Uncle Sam)

  1. Terri Zwierzynski

    This is a GREAT value you are offering, even without the discount! I love how all the audios, and even the checklists and templates, are pre-loaded on an mp3 player that comes with the package! Way cool…

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