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On Grandpa Time

I recently went to Laughlin, NV, with my 93-year-old grandpa and his girlfriend who’s 20 years younger. (Yes, Grandpa is quite the character.)

I always have a good time with Grandpa because he is such a character (on top of everything else, he was a very successful business man so it’s always interesting to talk to him). However, it’s not always easy for me to spend time with him. Why? Because we’re moving at two different speeds.

You see, here’s the thing about people in their nineties – they move very slowly. Nothing is fast. Grandpa especially Continue reading

Are You Choosing to Succeed or Fail?

Recently I was watching the movie Back To The Future. That’s the one with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd where Fox goes back in time and meets his parents when they were in high school. During the course of the movie, his father ends up standing up for himself, which he had never done before, and when Fox returns to the present time, his entire family is in a completely different place.

So it got me thinking. One act completely transforms a life. Now, I realize this is the movies and life isn’t nearly so clear cut, but the truth of the matter is we ARE the results of the choices we make. And our life right now is the end result of the choices we made yesterday. And what our life is tomorrow is the result of what we’re choosing to do today.

What choices are you making right now? Are they choices that are going to propel your life and business forward? Or are they going to keep you stuck in the same place (or worse, moving backwards.)

Many of my clients come to me because they aren’t seeing the results in their business they want to see. They aren’t making the kind of money they want to be making, they don’t have the quality or quantity of customers they want to have. They want their business to be different.

But yet…

They continue to make the same choices they always made, which got them the results they’re seeing right now. And chances are, those choices include choosing NOT to do much marketing.

If you want to be making more money, then there’s no substitution. You have to make marketing a priority.

I wish I could tell you something simpler. That there was a magic pill or a Web site you could go to and sign up and voila — all your problems would be solved. Alas, as is most things in life, that’s not the case.

As a marketing and copywriting strategist, I’m in a unique situation of not only getting to know some of the top entrepreneurs out there but also working with them intimately. And I’ve gotten a glimpse of not only how they’ve structured their successful businesses but what they do to build and maintain that success.

And, for the most part, what I’ve seen is an emphasis on the basics. Including consistently marketing, day in and day out. Nothing sexy, nothing earth shattering. Just an emphasis on marketing on a regular basis, whether they feel like doing it or not.

However, many entrepreneurs don’t really know where to start when it comes to marketing. With that in mind, I’ve decided to begin an article series that will teach those marketing basics, including action steps, so you can immediately start putting them to work into your own business.

But remember, those are the tactics. And while tactics are important, they alone aren’t going to turn your business around. Why? Because if you don’t make the choice to use them and implement them on a regular basis, nothing is going to change in your business.

So, I’d like to encourage all of you to take a few moments over the next few days to take a good, hard look at your choices. Are you making the choices that are going to result in the business you’ve always wanted? Or are you making the choices that are going to keep you stuck or, worse, going backwards?

And, if you’re in the second group, my next challenge for you is to see if you can start making different choices.

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More Biz Lessons from KISS

Who would have thought that at almost-age 40, I’d own my first KISS shirt? Thanks to my good friend, Nancy Marmolejo,, who bought it for me after seeing my fab photo with KISS star Gene Simmons.

My Kiss Shirt

I must say wearing it gives me a whole new perspective on life. I keep feeling like I should be blasting my 80s hair-band music and digging out my lighter. Ah, those we’re the days.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Believe it or not, I have a couple of business lessons you can take away from me wearing a KISS shirt (I’m nothing if not resourceful). Here goes:

1. First, Nancy is brilliant at this anyway, but I need to give kudos to her regardless. She saw I had posted my photo with Gene and decided to mail me the shirt. Before I even got it, she told me she wanted me to post a photo of me with it on my blog, which I’ve done. She wins because she gets additional publicity. I win because I get a KISS shirt (and an opportunity for a blog post).

So, what’s going on in the lives/business of your associates, partners, prospects, clients, etc. you can tie in to make memorable for them? Maybe it’s sending them a recent article about something going on in their industry that would really benefit them. Maybe it’s a book that just came out that addresses a challenge in their lives (a challenge you might not necessarily solve in your business). Or maybe it’s just something fun, like a KISS shirt. At the very least, you get a bunch of goodwill (who doesn’t love a gift). At best, you might end up being mentioned on their blog or other promotional vehicle.

2. Second, how many other 70s-rock bands out there can you still buy a shirt (a NEW shirt no less) with their logo on it? And, even more telling, how many are still cool to wear?

Like I talked about in the post below, KISS isn’t a rock and roll band, it’s a rock and roll brand. And it’s a brand that truly has stood the test the time.

So, what can you do to transform your business into a brand? A brand that will last? A brand where your clients will happily wear shirts with your logo on it?

That’s something to think about. (Because, clearly, if you ARE able to transform your business into a brand, you’ll be able to reap the rewards with more customers, sales and money.)

Anyway, enough about business. I need to go turn up some head-banging rock music.

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the author of Sales Letter Secrets: Rev Up Your Business With Copy That Sells! Tired of your competition making money hand over fist while you struggle to sell ANYTHING? Click here to discover their secret so you can put it to work for YOUR business.