Monthly Archives: March 2008

5 Ways to Overcome Social Networking Overwhelm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard something about the whole social networking craze. Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg and so on.

And as a busy entrepreneur, you’ve probably been wringing your hands trying to figure out how to work social networking tasks onto your already overcrowded to-do list.

Well, you’re in luck. Here are 5 strategies to successfully add social networking into your day and start reaping the benefits.

1. Make social networking a priority. Social networking CAN make a difference in your business. It can help you develop leads, turn prospects into paying customers, increase your sales and grow your business.

BUT, you got to work it if you want to see the results.

Rather than looking at social networking as a burden or a “should” in your life, look at it as an opportunity. This is an opportunity to build relationships and make a difference in people’s lives. If you look at it that way, it might make it easier to spend the few hours a week growing your social networking network.

2. Block out time each week. I know, I know. Continue reading