No Hangovers With This Sipping Tequila

Of all the things I learned in Cabo, one of the most interesting (and probably least useful) is that tequila is made from a cactus called agave. Agave apparently looks like a cross between a century plant and an aloe vera plant. My biggest regret is I didn’t actually see an agave plant growing in Cabo.

When I learned that tequila is made from agave, my first thought was “I wonder who would look at a cactus and think tequila.” Upon further reflection, I decided that was a silly question. Human nature being what it is there probably isn’t a plant, root, berry, flower, seed, stem, moss, fungus, precious metal, etc. that someone somewhere hasn’t tried making an alcoholic beverage from.

Now, according to all the nice Mexican waiters we met, if you drink tequila made out of 100% agave, you get no hangovers. Seriously! Although I must admit it’s hard to take it seriously when they’re saying to you “No hangovers, another margarita, yes?” But maybe there’s something to it because amazingly enough I didn’t get a hangover in Cabo (stomach issues yes, hangover no).

I also learned there are different flavors of tequila, such as almond, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, etc. I know… they sound disgusting. I was very skeptical myself. However, they’re actually quite tasty (and yes, I did try them while sober). If you ever have a chance to try one, I’d recommend it.

Now, we did do other things in Cabo than sample tequilas. We also went snorkeling and took some road trips. The place we stayed at, Pubelo Bonita Sunset Beach, was gorgeous. Each room had a full view of the ocean, which for this land-locked Midwestern (and now Arizona) girl was amazing. Every night we could hear the ocean as we slept. I’d never had that experience before. We couldn’t swim in the ocean from our hotel, but we could sit near the pools and watch the ocean. (That was probably better anyway because then we had our own waiter taking care of us, and bringing us more, well, you know.)

All in all, it was a very relaxing time and exactly what I needed to recharge for 2008!

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6 thoughts on “No Hangovers With This Sipping Tequila

  1. RandyPeyser

    I buy agave nectar, which is a natural sweetener made from the agave cactus. I use it in place of honey. It is the lowest of the sugars on the glycemic index. I wonder how it is that they can get “sugar” AND tequila from the same substance. I just wonder??????

  2. Technetium

    The reason you dont get a hangover is because of the lime, salt and ice. Antioxidant and isotonic hydration alongside the alcohol which would do the oposite. If you drink the tequila straight, trust me, the hangover is there!

  3. VR

    I have to disagree with Technetium. Being Mexican and from San Diego, CA. I grew up sipping straight Tequila; which is how they are supposed to be consumed unless you are drinking something like Cuervo. Anyway, when you are drinking premium brands from Mexico that are 100% Agave there is no hangover. If you do get a hang over it’s from a badly made margarita containing sugar. Tequila acts like a narcotic so you’ll get a high but it does not dehydrate you like Liquor/Alcohol.

  4. Matt

    Gonna agree with VR. I just happened to google agave when I was thinking abou the outcome of tequila shots because of what I also learned in Cabo about it being from agave. I looked this up because me and my friend spent $93 on tequila (patron) the other night on his birthday, the next day I asked him how the hell we didn’t have hangovers, he said, its because u don’t get hangovers off tequila. I was kind of happy because my hangovers tend to be severe as I get panick attacks with them. I also thought back and thought how i never felt hungover in Cabo. I’m sold on no hangover agave.

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