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PW and The Half Marathon

Yes I did it again. Another marathon. Except this one was a half marathon in Phoenix (a mere 13.1 miles) versus the 26.2 mile jaunt I did last June in San Diego (and yes, I’m signed up to go again).

I don’t run the marathons, I walk or walk with a little running. This time was a success because I completed it in 3 hours and 6 minutes, averaging about a 13-minute mile or so, which was my goal. (Actually, my goal was a 15-minute mile so it was better than my goal). I also considered it a success Continue reading

Small Business Marketing — 5 Business Lessons Learned in Cabo

The thing about Cabo, Mexico, is you’re surrounded by a lot of entrepreneurs. From the people peddling their wares on the sidewalk to the wait staff and crew members serving you (and working for tips), it’s a great place to study what to do if you want to put more money in your pocket.

The best case study took place on a snorkel cruise ship. We had already paid for the cruise, so they weren’t trying to sell us anything. Instead crew members were trying to up their tips. Here are 5 things they did and what you can do in your own marketing to increase your sales: Continue reading

PW and the Blue Men

In case you don’t know who the Blue Man Group is, they’re a group of three men who are (what else) blue, and together they perform this quirky show with no speaking, a touch of the odd, irrelevant humor and lots of really jamming percussion-based rock music. You might remember them doing Intel commercials a few years back. (Ironically, their show is based on poking fun at modern society, so for them to be in any commercial is pretty funny.)
Ok, so the encounter was a bit more involved than I said...
Anyway, the Blue Man Group is on the road right now and their travels have taken them to the surprising place of Prescott Valley, Arizona. You may have heard of Prescott Valley, but my guess is probably not. Prescott Valley is part of what’s known as the Quad Cities, which includes Prescott, Chino Valley and Dewey/Humboldt, and if you add all the people up together you’ll maybe get a population count of 100,000 if you’re lucky (and if you include Continue reading

No Hangovers With This Sipping Tequila

Of all the things I learned in Cabo, one of the most interesting (and probably least useful) is that tequila is made from a cactus called agave. Agave apparently looks like a cross between a century plant and an aloe vera plant. My biggest regret is I didn’t actually see an agave plant growing in Cabo.

When I learned that tequila is made from agave, my first thought was “I wonder who would look at a cactus and think tequila.” Upon further reflection, I decided that was a silly question. Human nature being what it is there probably isn’t a plant, root, berry, flower, seed, stem, moss, fungus, precious metal, etc. that someone somewhere hasn’t tried making an alcoholic beverage from.

Now, according to all the nice Mexican waiters we met, if you drink Continue reading