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Notes from MichelePW – Cabo San Lucas

Happy Holidays! I hope all of you are having a fabulous holiday season.

As for me, I just returned from Cabo San Lucas Mexico. As you can imagine, December was a nutty month. Hubby and I got an opportunity to join some friends in Cabo for a week in one of their condos.

Talk about a dream. The condo had a FULL view of the ocean and at night we could leave the screen door open and listen to the waves crash against the beach. Especially for this landlocked Midwestern and now Arizona girl, that was an amazing experience. (No, Lake Michigan does NOT count for water views.) It was like a dream come true.

We had a fabulous time (maybe a little TOO fabulous 😉 but what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo is what I say). However, trying to take off for a week in the middle of December was a bit of a challenge needless to say (especially with my business growing as fast as it is).

I’ve picked up some great article ideas and will probably get some blog entries up about my trip (although I certainly won’t be sharing all) keep an eye out.

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Setting goals — Your ticket to success

Setting goals — Your ticket to success

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You know that old saying — if you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there. That’s what happens if you don’t take the time to figure out what your goals are and WRITE them down. There’s power in writing things down. Trust me, I’m a writer. I KNOW.

Figuring out your goals is probably one of the most important and one of the most overlooked steps for creative professionals starting their business. Ideally you should put together a business plan. However, I have yet to meet a creative professional (including myself) who has one. (In fact, if you do have a business plan, please contact me. I’d love to chat with you about it.) Second best is getting your goals down on paper. Here are some things to include.

* Your personal mission statement. What do you want to accomplish in your life? Not just as a creative professional, artist or writer, but as a person. Knowing your mission will make organizing your time much easier.

* Your creative or artistic goals — both long-term and short-term. What do you want to accomplish in three months? Six months? This year? Five years from now?

* Your financial goals — both long-term and short-term. Don’t forget to write down how much money you want to make.

* Your plans for your business — both long-term and short-term. Break it down the same as your creative or artistic goals — three months, six months, one year and five years. Include a marketing plan Continue reading