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The Number One Thing Your Web Site Needs (And It’s Not What You Think)

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I have a confession to make. I’ve made some mistakes over the past couple of years with a few of my clients.

This is what would happen. Every now and then a client would hire me to write copy for their Web site. I would do so. A few months later, they’d contact me.

“The site isn’t working. We haven’t gotten any sales or leads from it,” they’d say.

I’d get on the phone with them and we’d talk about it. And invariably, I would hit upon the problem.

Traffic. Or, more specifically, lack of traffic. (Traffic is defined as visitors coming to your site.)

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Football Vegas Style

On Thurs, Sept 6, hubby and me and my good friend from Madison headed off to Las Vegas to see the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers play football against the University of Las Vegas-Nevada on Sept 8.

But actually the story starts several months ago, in June, when we first decided to go and started the quest for tickets. No tickets to be found on the UW Alumni site. So I checked out UNLV’s site. They had an announcement “Single tickets are not expected to be available for the Badger game.” (Keep in mind, this is BEFORE tickets even went on sale. Plus there was no link, so I couldn’t even TRY to get a ticket). Back to the UW Alumni site for more digging. Continue reading


Dear Readers,

Wow, can you believe it? Summer is almost over. Talk about flying by. It seems like only yesterday I was walking the San Diego marathon. (Yes, I’m a bit of a nut I know. You can check out my story and photos on my blog — ) Now Labor Day is just around the corner. Yikes!

But there is good news. Football season is almost here! Yep, I like my football. I’m a big Wisconsin fan — I watch college and pro: Go Packers and Go Wisconsin Badgers. It’s pretty much impossible to grow up in Wisconsin and not be a Wisconsin fan.

Next week hubby and I are meeting my best friend in Vegas for a Badger game. Of course, I don’t have tickets — they were sold out before University of Nevada Las Vegas even got them on their Web site. In fact, UNLV had a little note on their site BEFORE tickets went on sale that they didn’t expect any single tickets to be available for this game and if you wanted a ticket, you should buy a season ticket. I thought that was silly, but a few weeks ago I decided to take another look at those season tickets and believe it or not, THEY’RE gone too. (I told you, Wisconsin fans are rabid.) But I have faith I’ll be able to get into the game one way or another. Will keep you posted.

To Your Success!

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