Monthly Archives: August 2007

Third Stop On My Vacation – A Night At the Museum

One night, my sister and I rented A Night At the Museum, with Ben Stiller. If you’re looking for a fun, non-thinking movie, this is it.

My sister showed the kids a few highlights of the movie the next day, and as usual, it’s always a trip seeing things from a child’s perspective. They really enjoyed the T Rex skeleton galloping around the museum playing fetch and the Easter Island statue saying “I’m not the dum-dum. You’re the dum-dum. Give me gum-gum.” We got to hear that particular memorable quote a number of times that week. (Which just goes to show you, be careful what you say and show kids because you may regret it.)

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Second Stop on My Vacation – Hanging Out With The Nieces and Nephews

I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews – ages 7. 5. 3, and 11 months. Needless to say, it was quite an experience spending a week with them. I got to listen to such conversations as:

“Why is your brother crying?” (this is my sister).
“He was pinching me.”
“So you pinched him back.”
“NO! I did NOT pinch him back. I punched him.”

Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from laughing. (Especially when you know you really shouldn’t be laughing.)

Unfortunately Maryland was excessively hot the week I was there. It was over a hundred and humid, but little rain. (Where my sister lived they were in a drought. Everything was dry and yellow.) It was actually hotter there than where I live, in Prescott, Arizona. (I live in the mountains so it’s not nearly as hot as Phoenix. Plus it’s very dry.)

So it was tough knowing what to do with all those kids since spending time outside was physically draining. We ended up doing a lot of “indoor” stuff, like reading and playing games (and a lot of Thomas the Train). They all love books and being read to, which just warms a writers’ heart. But, when they weren’t reading, well let’s just say it had a tendency to get a bit noisy.

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First Stop on My Vacation – Harry Potter

What would a summer vacation be without a good book?

My summer vacation, where I went out to see my sister and four nieces and nephews in Maryland, started with me reading the last Harry Potter book on the flight out there.

It was a struggle to keep from reading it until my vacation began. The book kept talking to me. “Read me,” it would say. “Don’t you want to know what happened?” “You don’t have to read much, just a couple of chapters.” Yikes. I finally gave in a few days before I left. (Better people than me may have been able to resist.) But I was very careful how much I actually allowed myself to read. I managed (barely) to save most of it for my trip.

Of course, I ended up finishing it before I even got out of the Baltimore airport (so much for lazy days reading on vacation). In fact, I was so entranced reading I nearly forgot to get off the plane. (Luckily the guy sitting next to me had a great sense of humor about it.)

Anyway, I thought J.K. Rowling did a really good job with the whole series. (Don’t worry, I won’t reveal anything if you haven’t finished it yet, but I will say I did shed a tear or two while reading…on the plane…trying to quietly find a Kleenex without drawing attention to myself.) I’m especially impressed because the series was seven books (seven LONG books). Some authors can’t complete a series of three books without losing it. But she was able to hold the story line (and the passion for the story) over seven. If you haven’t read them, I’d highly recommend them (and yes, they’re better than the movies).

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I just got back from spending time with my sister and my four nieces and nephews — ages 7, 5, 3 and 11 months. Yes it was as, ah, active a visit as you might imagine. For more about my trip, make sure you check out my blog — (Keep checking back as I’ll be adding more posts as the week goes along.)

As for me, I’m getting ready to launch a couple of big projects in another month. This summer, I got very clear about how I could truly make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners — much bigger than the working-with-individual-clients business model. (But don’t worry, I’m not planning to stop taking on individual clients.) I have a much bigger dream than can be accomplished using only that 1-to-1 model, and I’m finally clear on the how. (The how was where I was stuck for so long.)

I’m not ready to unveil anything quite yet, but just know it’s based on what I’ve realized is one of the biggest challenges my clients face.

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the author of Sales Letter Secrets: Rev Up Your Business With Copy That Sells! Tired of your competition making money hand over fist while you struggle to sell ANYTHING? Click here to discover their secret so you can put it to work for YOUR business.