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I’m quite proud of myself right now. I’ve finally gotten my own social networking up and running.

(This is something for me to celebrate. You see, as a marketing strategist, I’m far more likely to focus on my clients’ marketing strategies and ignore my own.
And then it turns into a “do as I say, not as I do” situation.)

So what finally convinced me to get my act together? Well, it was several things but the most relevant (at least for this article) is I’m doing variations of this for some pretty big clients, including Alex Mandossian. (Yes, THAT Alex Mandossian. He’s pretty private about his team, but I asked him for permission to let my list know I was working with him and he said that would be fine.)

Before I start telling my clients about certain marketing strategies, I like to test out them out for myself. And, I must say, I’m pretty excited about the results. I’ve only been doing it seriously for about 2 weeks and have already seen a jump in my traffic and subscriptions.

Here are the links to the 3 social networking sites I’m focusing on right now. (And if you have a profile, or start a profile on any of these, please feel free to invite me as a friend!)

MySpace —
Linked In —
Ryze —
(Note — don’t make my mistake with Ryze and open an account years ago with some goofy numbers in the name because I didn’t realize that was going to be my Ryze name for life and I was going to look ridiculous marketing it. )

So what is social networking? Well, today’s brand new article will give you the low down and some basics on getting started.

Social Networking — What Is It And Why Your Business Needs It

Social networking. Social marketing. Web 2.0.

You may have heard these terms bandied about and wondered what exactly they are and (more importantly) what they mean for your business.

So let’s dig right in and get some answers. First, some definitions.

Social networking is actually a pretty broad term. It basically means any time of relationship-building amongst a group of people with a common interest (business or personal). However, that term has taken on a whole new dimension online, where social networking sites (MySpace, Linked In, Facebook) are popping up faster then you can say “Will you be my friend?”

These Web sites are designed around helping people network and build relationships via online, instead of the more traditional face-to-face networking meetings.

Which leads us to Web 2.0. Continue reading

Why radio advertising could be the best thing you ever did for your business

In the marketing world, radio has earned the reputation of being the odd step-cousin. You know the one. No one knows quite what to do with him. Especially at family gatherings when everyone tries hard to avoid sitting with him. (After all, who knows WHAT he’ll start talking about.)

Much of that reputation comes from radio being tough to track. On one hand, radio does work. Businesses do notice an increase in sales when they add radio to the mix. However, radio doesn’t test well. In surveys and other tracking methods, radio tends to be the one with the dismal scores.

A good friend of mine, who’s also a marketing consultant but before that she sold radio for many years, has a theory about that. She says Continue reading