Monthly Archives: April 2007

I have something to confess to you.

I haven’t been as straight with you as I should have been.

But that’s about to change.

Let me explain. Many of you are probably already familiar with my story. I started my business in 1998 as a copywriter and marketing consultant. Like many of you, I did everything myself. And, like many of you, my business did okay.

But only okay.

I made a good “salary.” But never anything more than that.

And I couldn’t figure out why. Continue reading

How to get a 6-figure boost

What if you could gain both the specific know-how AND a new way of thinking that would allow you to grow your business to the six-figure mark or bigger?

And what if you could do it faster and with less effort you ever imagined?

It’s possible… Here’s how… Continue reading

How Snorkeling Can Help Your Business

Recently I visited Hawaii for the first time. There were a lot of “firsts” on that trip, including snorkeling.

Some friends and I were in an absolutely beautiful cove where the water was completely clear and there were what seemed like thousands of fish and colorful coral. We had to kayak out there (another first) and passed a pod of dolphins.

The thing is, I hadn’t really thought too much about snorkeling one way or another because I’m a pretty strong swimmer, until I was actually standing on some wet rocks, with my fins on, trying to maneuver in the water without stepping on sea urchins or coral. What made it more complicated is Continue reading

My Hawaiian adventure started the morning when my husband and I decided to go snorkeling. We checked out the “bible” (if you’ve been to Hawaii, you probably know what I’m talking about — they’re the blue books called “Maui Revealed” or “Big Island Revealed” and you see people carrying them all over) and discovered the best snorkeling in Maui was at this place called “The Fish Bowl.” It was a bit of a walk, Continue reading