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What Dead Fish Have To Do With Your Business

While on a recent trip, I got a call from my pet sitter. Apparently we had a bit of a tragedy in my salt water aquarium.

All my fish died. Actually nearly everything in the tank died.

It all started with the death of one of my sea urchins. While sad as that was, what made it a tragedy was that sometimes sea urchins release a toxin when they die. And this toxin is toxic enough to kill everything in the tank.

My starfish. My crabs. My fish.

Everything, that is, except bristle worms. (For purposes of this article, it’s enough to know bristle worms are terrible pests in salt water environments and they sneak in from other necessary items you add to the tank.)

My pet sitter worked for years at a pet store, and completely cleaned out the tank — changed the water, cleaned the filter, etc.

And what she discovered was that Continue reading

So how is your 2007 shaping up? I’ve been traveling like a maniac (again). But, this year I have people in place to help me succeed and grow my business even while I’m a traveling fool.

In January, first I was to Los Angeles for my Mastermind Group with Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentors. Then I went to the Ultimate Business Breakthrough Intensive with Melanie Benson Strick, Success Connections.

I was home for a few days, then I was off to Las Vegas for fun. My parents were there plus we met grandpa there. (And, as a side note, my husband and I BOTH won a royal flush — $1,000 bucks each!)

Got home for a few days then off to San Jose, California, where I went to a Christopher Howard’s Breakthrough to Success event. If you don’t know who Chris Howard is, he’s huge in the personal development/coaching/NLP (neuro linguistic programming). And his company is my new client, so I wanted to go check them out.

Now I’m home for awhile, which is good because all that traveling takes a lot out of me (and besides, I miss Nick and the other two dogs). And it gives me some time to train my team and put the finishing touches on a couple of products I’ll be launching soon (details to come).

But first, a brand new article where I talk about business success and a true story of all my fish dying while I was in Vegas (yep, the Clean Sweep saga continues in my house).