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Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

I’ve become enamored with the word “multiple,” especially when it pertains to business. So this is the first of a series of articles about how you can use the power of the multiple to grow your business multiple times over.

In a nutshell, multiple streams of income means your business has more then one way to make money. For instance, you sell products and you sell services. Those are multiple streams of incomes. Why do you need them? Below are five reasons: Continue reading

March 16, 2006

March may be known as March Madness here in the States (pertaining to men’s college basketball tournaments) but here in the Pariza Wacek household, March Madness takes on an entirely different meaning. After February I didn’t think things could get any crazier but boy, was I wrong.

The first weekend of the month, my parents came to visit and all of us, including my 91-year-old grandpa, headed out to Laughlin Nevada to throw a few nickels into the machines. (Okay, maybe it was a bit more then a few nickels.) This weekend Paul and I are off to Portland with some friends. Then the last weekend of the month we’re off to Chicago to attend Dan Kennedy’s Super Marketing Conference.

The trips wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t also have other things to fit in, such as taxes and work (oh yeah, that).